Is Storytelling More Important Than Graphics?

IGXPRO would like you to think back 15 years, right around the time the Playstation one came out. Now, can you remember how revolutionary it was to have 3D rendered graphics; they were not pre-canned animations like Donkey Kong or visual trickery (Mario RPG).

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phantomexe2827d ago

Yes it's part of why SE sucks so bad today. They need to focas on what rpgs are about heavy story.

ComboBreaker2827d ago


UNCyrus2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

All are important... but I'd have to say that I'd alter your list slightly:

Sound Design.

iamnsuperman2826d ago

totally agree with IMO the order being

Music (still really important)

Active Reload2826d ago

If gameplay isn't there, then I say stop all production NOW, unless you're going to make a point & click adventure.

darthv722826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

not just RPG's either. With the exception of sports/racing games, action/adv, fps, survival horror....etc can all benefit from having a deep involving storyline.

Like in movies. If the movie is all sex and violence and no story then it has nothing of value. A good story is what draws the person in to that perspective. I have seen many films that fit the category of resulting to filler to make up for substance.

Games are no different.

Boody-Bandit2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I think it completely depends on the type of game we are talking about here. There are plenty of genres that the story doesn't matter and some that don't need one (sports games, racing, etc).

I think they (graphics, story, gameplay, sound, etc) are all important but IMO gameplay should be at the top of the list. After that I like an even blend of graphics, story, sound, options and features to keep me coming back / replayability.

A lot of gamers I know actually get impatient if they can't bypass the cutscenes. They could care less about the story. They just want to get to the action. Everyone is different but I feel gameplay should be first.

PHOSADRA2826d ago

Story telling is usually a matter of personal preference or the type of game it is...

But something that is ALWAYS more important than graphics is the GAMEPLAY

kevin123r2826d ago

I would say:
Story and Music even since the music has a lot to do with the feel of the game. As long as the story is decent it fine for me

lazysey2826d ago


Yea, I agree. Gameplay is definitely a key factor overall. Graphics is easily judged because more often people judge a book by its cover faster than they can grasp the actual gameplay.

ABizzel12826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )


Gameplay is the most important, because it's the aspect of the game that keeps you playing.

Storytelling is the difference between a great game and a good game to me. A game with a mediocre story will never be considered a AAA game IMO. I want the full package. A good story, a good cast, and good dialog will put you above the majority of games nowadays.

Presentation is everything else other than audio. So graphics, frame rate, loading, level design, etc... This plays almost as big of a part as gameplay and story telling.

Audio. Developers have caught on for the most part, and audio is acceptable in almost every game, but the ones that take it a step further, and hire true orchestras and develop an actual soundtrack, and hire impressive voice actors, make the game experience that much better.

If I had to do a pie chart I would say:

Gameplay- 50% If you have poor gameplay then your game automatically fails.
Story- 20%
Presentation- 20%
Audio- 10%

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kancerkid2826d ago

I would say graphics is at the bottom of the list. A ton of people play COD which has crap graphics, so they don't care. A ton of people played Dragon AGe:Origins and didn't have much of a problem

There are more important things to a game than graphics, if you ask me.

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Edito2827d ago

Yeah story is 80% of the feeling for me... and like Phantomexe said thats why square sucks now they used to make games with heavy plots... and now...

WitWolfy2827d ago

I say its a double edged sword. If the graphics arent up to your standard you wont bother playing it,meaning you'll never know if the story was good to start with.

Thats why people LOVE PS3 exclusives. Its a great mixture of graphics and storyline

mushroomwig2826d ago

'If the graphics arent up to your standard you wont bother playing it'

This statemend doesn't really apply to me, I'll always give a game a try if the story looks interesting, regardless of the visuals.

Kalowest2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

As long as the Story is good, i don't care about the graphics. I even like going back and playing PS1.

Biggest2826d ago

That's the thing, Kalowest. You'll go BACK and play them. Most people won't go out of their way to experience older games for the first time 15 years after the fact. Everything in life has the same general bullet points. The looks are more often than not at the forefront. Then the substance follows. It applies to gaming, dating, job searching, working, even in sports (though look is changed to athletic capacity). No one gives the fat ugly girl a chance right because of first glance. No one hires the homeless guy because he might turn out to be good at the job. No one plays an ugly game without knowing more about it than usually expected. As with everything I mentioned, looks obviously aren't the end all be all. They just matter more often than everything else.

Inception2826d ago

Agree with Kalowest. That's why PS1 classics still had a huge spot in my heart. And i will replay Xenoegears again this week on my PSP ^^

jsc249jobal2826d ago

@ "WitWolf"

I have to disagree alittle with you buddy.

I believe it is all about how the game impacts you. I mean, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time impacted me in a huge way as a gamer and will continue to play it regardless of it's horrible (to today's standards) graphics. But on a side note, I am very excited about the 3DS remake =)

mushroomwig2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

For me yes, story and gameplay will always come first.

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