New Homefront campaign screens blast in

THQ has just sent over a bunch of new screens from the campaign section of promising FPS Homefront.

They show the United Korean forces that have taken over control of the US, alongside one of the game's cooler features - the remote-controlled Goliath vehicle.

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mushroomwig2851d ago

The visuals have definitely improved.

Zinc2851d ago

Looks to be interesting... probably worth getting. However, I disagree with their choice to not go with China as the Antagonist. I know they hired some ex CIA expert or something to advise them on this, but I don't see how Korea is more plausible than China...

Parapraxis2851d ago

China's economy is heavily dependant on the US, they also hold a huge debt over the US.
It would be a disservice to themselves to attack the US.
They would have everything to lose and nothing to gain by any such actions.
N. Korea on the other hand is run by a delusional madman, believes he is a god, holds his citizens captive and in a bubble and is actively pursuing a nuclear arms program.

Zinc2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

I am aware of China's current interdependence, however, that still does not preclude them from such an activity as going to war or invasion.

For the last 20 years, China has been becoming more aggressive and bold in their activities. They have dumped massive amounts of resources into defense and research and development. They have made vigorous strides in multiple technological disciplines and now also have working stealth fighter technology. They have been putting resources into launch systems for a new missile they have developed.

What makes you think they aren't interested in war? Because they say so? Because they lend us money? Because they are a trade partner? None of those thing matter under the right conditions or circumstances.

If anything, they have more to gain by giving the US more length on the leash and collar we put around our own necks. Then once it's long enough, they choke us with it. They hold something like 1.4 trillion dollars of our currency on the market... They lend us 100's of billions of dollars. Why? Not out of the goodness of their own heart, but to suit their purpose.

Right now, their purpose is to continue to make us beholden to them, then eventually they will surpass our own superpower status, then they will do one of two things; destroy what remains of our economy through currency warfare or take more aggressive stances and 'reclaim the lands that are rightfully theirs'.

The rest of the world has its own problems and is generally not in any position to do much of anything to stop that. Also, most of Europe is not only economically weak, but militarily weak, as well.

Granted, China has to worry about Russia and India, but they just might figure that out too.