On the sly, Sony starts selling PSP for U.S. $ 776 in Brazil

Uol jogos writes: "Since late January, the PSP is on sale at Sony Style for $ 776,00 (in the U.S., the portable is $ 169).

Sony Brazil did not splurge as a "strategic plan", according to the company.

The model sold on the Company's online store doesn't come with any game, wich is called the "core model" on the U.S.

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a_bro2854d ago

talk about getting R**ped in the a**. is importing that expensive?

BrianG2854d ago

Might actually be a steal. Remember, inflation exists in countries like Brazil

Iroquois_Pliskin2854d ago

it isnt. And ps3 is over a thousand reais 1500 which is over 650 dollars

BrianG2854d ago


If thats true than that sucks. High tech products probably follow a similar trend, more expensive.

Iroquois_Pliskin2854d ago

not really its just Sony being a greedy company. Since ps3s are being manufactered here in Brasil, and guess what it got more expensive ever since :L

Ju2853d ago

PS2 R$699
PS3 R$1999
PSP R$1299

?? Try to get money in and out of Brazil, btw. Good luck with that.

sashimi2853d ago

Pretty sure there are no Ps3 factories in Brazil, the only factory Sony started in Brazil is the Ps2 one i'm pretty sure. Yes Sony is the one whos greedy...don't blame your sh!tty import taxes,
i have a few friends from from brazil and when i hear them importing..the prices go sky high >.>
and all electronics since as those and games are expensive.. about 40%-60% more >.>

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klado2853d ago

This is guy i won't even attempt to learn portuguese...WTF

Iroquois_Pliskin2854d ago

lol are you retarded? we export the raw material so you fat americans can eat

oguzsasi2854d ago

Well you must be more retarded than me then because my avatar has a Turkish flag not American flag lol :D

lil Titan2853d ago

no need to insult americans we all are not the love your women :)

karl2853d ago

haha awesome comeback... i didnt knew who was winining honestly but oguzsasi took the prize home

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kanetheking2854d ago

oguzsasi how could he not notice the flag lol.

gamerz2853d ago

Seems like something is getting lost in translation here.

bunfighterii2853d ago

If that's true just see how many they sell. Probably 4.

Umb2853d ago

PS3 made in Brazil?

Last I checked PS3's are made in China...
Let me check my two PS3s' one launch model and 1 slim...yep both says Made in China.

colonel1792853d ago

My 60 Gb launch model (R.I.P :( ) was made in Japan. My slim is made in China too though

Umb2853d ago

I better check my other brother's launch 60gig models to see if it's made in Japan.

colonel1792853d ago

I believe the PS3 made in Japan were very limited. I think they had a more efficient cooling system, and they were much quieter. Mine was the second I owned because where I live, they were selling at 1500 dlls at that time, so I sold mine at 850 and bought another one (the one made in Japan) for 550 at best buy in the US.

My PS3 YLOD because I turned it on when it was really hot that day. I was even sweating while I was in my room, and didn't have the air conditioner on. (Yeah I know, I was stupid enough to even think of turning it on that day, even more stupid to actually turn it on)

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