Sumimasen, Is *This* The Halo 3 Line?

Okay, Japan, we get it. You don't like Halo anything. This group-about 8 in total-was declaring its presence outside a Taito branded game shop in the heart of Akihabara. figured this was it. hit the jackpot and that come 10 AM, when the store finally opened, they at least got some shots of Akiba nerds rushing the sales clerks and 10,000 yen notes flying. Instead they found out why they were waiting.

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ISay3734d ago

im going to steal someones comment and say if they wany to sell halo in japan they should have square enix publish it. how stupid do you think japan is?

jeeg3734d ago

why don't you compare to the numbers of japanese consoles sold total to the number of american consoles, then ask your self, how stupid do you think americans are?

ShiftyLookingCow3734d ago

this is not surprising at all. actually, I want to hear about how its doing in South Korea, after all those funny promos.

Saint Sony3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

ok, so Japan has only 2-3 game shops, right?


Now that makes so much sense. Great thinking! Keep it up!

nanometric3734d ago

No, thats because they don't wanna be related in any way to people like you!!!

jiggyjay3734d ago

We all know how much Japan hates the 360 because its an American Product and would rather stay with Japanese made consoles (Wii or the PS3).. As an American I think we should start treating the Japanese consoles the same way and not buying up the Wii(we all know the PS3 isn't selling anyways)that way it would be the same way!

nanometric3734d ago

Yes of course, and let the game industry plummet into another dark age, right?

jiggyjay3734d ago

I would like to here your theory on how that will happen.....

nanometric3734d ago

Do you remember who saved US game industry?

Skerj3734d ago


Hah kid you better go learn your game history before you start talking about boycotting companies. I'll give you a hint: Atari + E.T. Now go do your homework and then come back.

jackfatal3734d ago

and MS(or America) is try to take it away from japan!!
if u dont like japanese consoles because they are japanese then dont watch manga and dont buy japanese TV's or product!!
and no one in the world will buy american weapons or cars or Windows!!
u r just stupid!!
all japanese people uses windows(MS)!!

Bnet3433734d ago

just letting your uninformed ass know that America created gaming, Atari. Japan just resurrecdted it, Nintendo. Also, Microsoft Japan made MSX.

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Daxx3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Oh, Halo 3 has this really cool feature that shows how many people are online and where they are on thing map by each Xbox 360 being represented by pin point of light in real time. When I looked at North America and Europe they were just ablaze with light. Now South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia were probably already asleep at the time I was playing Halo 3 but I bet they'll be lit once their day time comes. Japan actually had some people playing, mostly in Tokyo and Osaka.

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