Red Faction: Armageddon Storms Retailers May 31

THQ’s announced that Red Faction: Armageddon, the latest entry in its destruction-heavy shooter franchise, will arrive on May 31. An international release will follow on June 3.

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Fishy Fingers2824d ago

Can we see some of the game first?

DenyTheFacts2824d ago

Are you serious? There are dozen of gameplay videos online.. Google is your friend

Fishy Fingers2824d ago

My bad, it's not a game I've actively checked out, I'll have to go a look.

ATiElite2824d ago

Really looking forward to Red Faction Armageddon but they need to push it back to June.

The Witcher 2, inFamous2, and LA Noire come out in May along with FEAR3 and Brink. oh well i guess THQ enjoyes bad sales figures.

ExitToExisT2824d ago

horrible release date choice in my opinion. between la noire and infamous.. they should have released it a month earlier , on the first of may

mightyboot2824d ago

DNF 3rd May many people wont miss that belive me.

maawdawg2824d ago

May 31 puts it at the end of a staggeringly long line of shooters.

Killzone 3, Bulletstorm, Homefront, Crysis 2, DNF, SOCOM 4, Brink, FEAR 3

Throw in games that are "semi-competition" like Portal 2 and LA Niore and that is a hell of a lot of games fighting for the same dollar as Red Faction.

I liked the first one and thought the MP was underrated for it but I will be tied up with Brink when this one hits. I'll definitely play it at some point though.