Tetsuya Nomura on the Future of Dissidia Final Fantasy

Andriasang: Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Creative Producer Tetsuya Nomura and Director Mitsunori Takahashi are featured in this week's Dengeki PlayStation in a two page interview where they offer some commentary on Gilgamesh and other areas of the upcoming PSP title. We'll get to the Gilgamesh details in a separate story, but here's what Nomura had to say about the future of the series and some other pressing issues.

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Tommykrem2824d ago

NGP or current-gen stationary console version would be nice.

madara0sama2824d ago

Yea Dissidia PS3 version would be a dream come true.

KonohagakureFC2824d ago

They'd take forever to make it on console, given their track record and all

Kamikaze1352824d ago

No kidding. If they decide to make it for a console, we wouldn't see it for 5-6 years.

rockleex2824d ago

They took so long because they spent most of that time building their engine.

The games themselves only takes maybe 2 years.

Not only that, a lot of the teams have to help out on other projects most of the time.

Square Enix needs to realize that quality > quantity and spend their resources well.

Kamikaze1352824d ago

I understand an engine needs to be developed, but it shouldn't be taking them so long to do so. Also, do you have proof that they spend that long developing their engines?

Djinn2824d ago

less psp games, more FFXIII

Haxel0514102824d ago

A Dissidia for NGP and PS3 would be nice.