Boy fights with brother over video game, jumps off 50-story building

In Tokyo, Japan, a 15-year-old junior high school student reportedly jumped from the veranda of his 43rd floor apartment to his death late Wednesday night. Police now claim that the boy's death may be the result of an earlier fight over a video game. A woman alerted police soon after she saw a person jump from the 50-story apartment building in Chuo-ku at about 9:10pm, according to a report from Mainiche. When police arrived, they found the boy lying on the ground. He was then pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after. Police suspect the boy committed suicide.

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HeartlesskizZ4098d ago

What in the world is going on? a bullet to the brain would be a better choice.

I hope it wasnt over Halo 3

riksweeney4097d ago

It wasn't Halo 3 because no one in Japan owns a 360.

sovietsoldier4097d ago

but a boy on boy love rpg game, i guess those are big hit type games over there!

spammy_nooo4098d ago

I smell a murder...... j/k

that does suck though. a game should be a game, not so serious(listen up, fanboys).

mikeslemonade4098d ago

If he did it to himself, then the kid has guts. I couldn't jump a 3 story building.

Keyser4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

it doesn't take guts to kill yourself. All it takes is looking at a situation from the wrong perspective. Why would you end the res tof your existence over a video game?

He's going to really be pissed he missed Final Fantasy 13...

nix4098d ago

that just sucks! bad move!

marionz4098d ago

crackdown is just a game...its not real!

seriously the kid obviously had issues, if it was over a game thats just sad

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The story is too old to be commented.