Bulletstorm Gameplay And Commentary (Gameblurb On Air)

GameBlurb writes, "Last night GameBlurb (((On Air))) checked out EA and People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm on the PlayStation 3. We kicked many baddies into sharp rebar, died a few times (okay a lot) while escaping a huge ass wheel, was completely oblivious to the 60 foot tall red explosives, and did plenty of killing with skill. For those of you that were unable to check out the live stream, here’s over an hour of gameplay and our impressions on Bulletstorm."

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jaidek2825d ago

I was pleasantly surprised with this game. To be honest, I thought there wasn't going to be anything to it other than the crude language and violence. But the game is actually a hell of a lot of fun. Didn't need the shock value really...

MicrocutsX22825d ago

Watched the show last night...can't believe you couldn't shoot a giant red barrel!

liquidxtension2825d ago

Was really surprised how fun this game was.

shak2825d ago

good show last night, chaps

WithMyLastBreath2825d ago

cool videos guys. First time I heard of gameblurb but it's awesome!