Killzone May Pump Bulletstorm Full of Holes

Epic’s E3 darling Bulletstorm faces off with hotly-anticipated threequel Killzone 3, and with reviews already churning up a lot of talk between the two games, it becomes an inevitable point of argument among the FPS gamer base about which one may be top dog this year in the genre.

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Nike2826d ago

They're both on the same console, and are both incredibly fun. Since it's been almost a month since the last really good game on any platform (Dead Space 2), I think actual gamers will argue less about which game is better, and play the ones they can to have fun. "Fun", you so-called "game journalists". Remember that word?

And not to plug it or anything, but the Dragon Age 2 demo coming out is just the icing on the cake. The PS3 gets three awesome experiences, since Killzone 3 is exclusive, but everyone's still got a reason to celebrate (except maybe Wii gamers - when's Skyward Sword out again?).

Iroquois_Pliskin2825d ago

? I was being sarcastic i forgot the /s label

xVeZx2826d ago

i was looking forward to bulletstorm until i played the demo it aint a bad game but i didnt find it fun either....killzone 3 looks awesome i thought the mp was ok (not really used to the ps3 controller) and the sp was gonna wait until its cheaper nowadays usually get alittle cheaper on amazon after a week or 2...

edwineverready2826d ago

I think you can't compare them. The one is over the top fun other more realistic.

awiseman2826d ago

Bulletstorm is over the top but you must be crazy if you think KZ is realistic.

If you want realism you should try Bad Company 2, Arma, and Battlefield.

Nice try, but Killzone is in no way realistic.

blumatt2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I think edwineverready meant KZ3 is MORE realistic than Bulletstorm, regarding the gameplay and the story.

@Loner I don't think Metacritic means crap, honestly. If a game is good, it's good. Metacritic is about as good a way to judge a game's worth as asking if a game is good on n4g. It's a mixed bag. Some people are going to dog it no matter how good, some people will praise it no matter how bad a game is.

The best way to judge a game is to rent it first and try it before you buy it. Game reviews nowadays are too biased, especially when it comes to PS3 exclusives. People are afraid to give PS3 exclusives good scores for fear of backlash.

360FTW22826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I agree because Alien races with jetpacks is definitely more realistic than, whipping people into the air and kicking them then shooting them....wait.

Ducky2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Killzone is as realistic as BadCompany2 as far as game mechanics go.... i.e. not that realistic at all.
... but that's besides the point.

ChristianGamer2826d ago

People must not know LBP 2 is ps3 exclusive then cos it has a 92 metacritic. . .care to explain that? Or do conspiracy theorists not do explanations?

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edwineverready2826d ago

Blumatt your right that is what i meant.

miyamoto2825d ago

like I said before ... Killzone 3 is more ARTISTIC than realistic .... GG has still pumped in the realism in terms of physics but overall they opt for artistic presentation than realism. i.e. the lighting, textures & SFX

Adolph Fitler2826d ago

I was also looking forward to Bulletstorm, & after playing the demo was sold, and couldn't wait to play online deathmatches against 16 to 24 other real players.

That was until I read yesterday that the game does not support online multiplayer versus modes. Just a crappy 4 player online horde mode.
Pathetic, what are Epic thinking by not making this game versus online, the game is built for competitive online gaming.

IHateYouFanboys2826d ago

did you actually really play the demo? cause if you did, youd know its NOT built for competitive online gaming.

the slow motion inducing whip makes it about as 'built for competitive online gaming' as timeshift - ie. not at all. the difference is timeshift tried anyway, and it didnt work.

whats wrong with a single player shooter anyway? Black is still probably my single favourite FPS of all time and it was strictly single player, not even a co-op mode.

oh and Epic werent thinking anything, since theyre not the ones that made Bulletstorm ;).

Loner2826d ago

It aint pumping any holes until it beats it on Metacritic

karl2826d ago

metacritic doesnt count as anything...

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