GameSpot's Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Review

Opposing Fronts doesn't revolutionize the genre like its predecessor did, but at the same time, no one has really caught up with Company of Heroes yet, either. Sure, games such as Supreme Commander push the science-fiction RTS genre in cool new directions, but the World War II RTS genre has yet to learn the lessons of Company of Heroes. With Opposing Fronts, THQ and Relic keep a great thing going.

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Farsendor14097d ago

for those who may just wanna know the score its 8.0

not the type of person to buy or not buy a game cause of a review. usually hate reviews. and hate just about anything ww2 just too much of it out there.

unsunghero284097d ago

I felt the same way about WWII games... Before Company of Heroes.

Download the demo, it really revitalizes WWII games- and RTSs, for that matter- in a very cool way. It is the best RTS I have ever played.

Farsendor14097d ago

ya know i might end up giving this a shot been looking around the net a lot of positive stuff on this.