Shogun 2: Total War & Dragon Age 2 demos released

DasReviews writes: "It’s a great day today for PC gamers, as both demos of Shogun 2: Total War % Dragon Age 2 are available as we speak..."

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SHOGUN 2 DEMO ALLREADY :):):):):):):

Xfanboy2825d ago

installing shogun 2 now!!

MAJ0R2825d ago

Shogun 2 demo is awesome, they pretty much explain everything in the campaign which is awesome and really long

Raendom2825d ago

Downloading both now! :D

Fishy Fingers2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I'll be downloading as soon as I get my gaming PC back :(

Edit: Total War is 5.4GB :/

Agent VX2825d ago

Both of these games are looking spetacular.

I am looking forward to close in battles again, something that Empire was lacking, be it more ranged battles.

LightofDarkness2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


Why do I have to be at work?! I'm setting up a download VPN when I get home (phone to pc)

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