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GameDynamo - "The game is very comparable to Final Fantasy Tactics in both quality and genre. However, you will also find that Tactics Ogre is both less obtuse and more forgiving (less chance of perma-death to name one reason). Also, the use of an overhead cam in battle is quite handy, and a relief after playing so many strategy RPGs that remain stuck in the isometric view for the entire game."

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Optical_Matrix2825d ago

If Killzone 3 and MvC 3 didn't hit this month, I would buy this on day one. Going to wait until April when I'm on easter break. That will be, the breather period lol Great reviews so far.

rockleex2825d ago

Why doesn't Square Enix try to make a new FF Tactics for the HD consoles? >_<

Relientk772825d ago

I want a PSP just for this game

JsonHenry2825d ago

Yep, this game makes me regret having sold mine years ago.

Stealth20k2825d ago

square needs to make more srpgs........

I assume ff tactics advance 3 will be on the 3ds

PlayerX2825d ago

This is the best game on the PSP.

bangoskank2825d ago

I want this game but have no desire to buy a PSP. They should make it available to PS3 owners through PSN. I'm still playing FF Tactics all these years later.