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GI:The FPS Genre Gets A Billion Shots In The Arm

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CrzyFooL2824d ago

But it lets you shoot guys in the asshole and get extra points for it! /genius!

Istanbull2824d ago

And ofcourse the biased media will give this game a better score than Killzone 3.

Why? Because Killzone 3 is PS3 exclusive

Kon2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

lol @ istanbull . I hope you're being sarcastic.

@kaveti6616 well said, here is a bubble. PS3 fanboys need to learn to be less elitists. Its like: "Damn, this game is a multiplat and is receiving better scores than our exclusive game! Let's boycott this shit!"

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doG_beLIEfs2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Funny how PS3 exclusives get points deducted for not having certain game modes...but games on multiple systems or 360 exclusives do not.

I used to respect more.

Again, the blatant bias against the PS3 shows.

KZ2 got raked over the coals for NOT having co-op, KZ2 and KZ3 reviewers bitched and moaned about the story...yet this game story is barely mentioned (even the joystiq review says its generic yet this game gets a free pass and does not have it NOR does it have multiplayer...yet because it is NOT a PS3 exclusive it gets a free pass.

Go ahead and tell me I am just a PS3 fanboy who is making baseless arguments...I don't care...anyone who looks at this over the years with an open mind can clearly see the blatant bias game after game.

From the Joystiq review on Bulletstorm

"There's a story, and ... well, let's just say there won't be any novelizations around the adventures of its protagonist, Grayson Hunt. (They'd simply read, "He killed a lot of people. The end.")"

Yet they complained about the KZ3 story here...

"I'd much rather have nothing than the heavy-handed, absurdly edited tale of Killzone 3. There's a feature length film's worth of cutscene tucked away onto the Blu-ray disc, and were it placed into theaters you would walk out in anger and ask for your $12 back. The performances are strong, but the script is miserable. The lack of characterization makes it difficult to care about the plot, and the cutscenes' inability to convey something as simple as cause and effect makes it impossible to even try."

Unless you have your head in the sand....THERE IS YOUR BIAS....pathetic this generation "journalists" are.

kaveti66162824d ago

but dog beliefs, you are a ps3 fanboy.

you just are.

let somebody else give their opinion. if alpha-male22 shared the same opinion, I'd be more inclined to agree with him because he's not a fucking annoying fanboy like some people are.

Suddenly the conspiracy theory holds up? Everyone is against Sony? You guys like playing the victims.

You didn't make Killzone 3, so stop getting offended when reviewers point out that the story is so bad, so very bad.

I think KZ3 is a better game than Bulletstorm, certainly more worthy of the price tag than this game, but you just need to stop talking now. Let the adults do the talking.

Ju2824d ago

No, true that, alpha-male22 is an righteous opportunist who doesn't edge on an anybodies opinion, so much is true. Why you can say one's opinion is valid more than somebody else's based on the nick name is beyond me. Maye you should try to listen to the argument in itself, instead.

AAACE52824d ago

@Istanbull... I'm worried about you man!

Seems like you really believe almost everyone is biased against Ps3! I believe there is some bias in everything, but you take it a bit too far.

Have you ever wondered if you are biased against everything that's not for Ps3? Or more importantly, biased against everything that isn't exclusive to Ps3?

It's coming to both consoles, so why are you complaining?

kaveti66162824d ago

because extremist opinions are generally wrong and fallacious.

believe me, i've read many comments from dog beliefs. he's a fanboy. fanboys are irrational people. their opinions are void.

DigitalRaptor2823d ago

you can call doG beLIEfs, myself or anyone else on this site you consider to be a fanboy, biased and irrational.

But the evidence is there, clear as day. Game Informer have shown bias on this occasion. You can bet many other gaming sites will do the same thing. This sort of thing has actually happened before, if you have been paying attention.

... And people act like there's nothing wrong with the state of the industry, which includes the gaming press.

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KillerPwned2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Honestly what was suppose to be so great about this game? I played the demo it did not interest me at all. I heard something like it wanted to be like Duke Nukem?


I`ll give this game a try i just did not really grasp it at first. I`ll take a gamers word.

Montrealien2824d ago

Solid game play, fun story, great graphics and a few decent gimmicks.

What more do you want from a solid fps? And if you dont want an FPS, why care?

Kon2824d ago

It is better than your average CoD. I'm playing it right now. It is very fun and entertaining.

KillerPwned2824d ago

Hahah very true i bet this game is a lot better then the newer COD`s.

Inside_out2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

The demo was not the best representation for this game. The graphics, on 360 anyways appear better, tho not much. It would appear that the E3 demo was PC footage but it's not very far off, on 360 anyways.

So far it's been very entertaining and reminds me alot of Serious Sam if you remember that game.

They, as in People can fly have gone out of there way to make sure you run out of bullets often, pushing you to conserve ammo. I just unlocked several weapons so it should be interesting to see how they pan out. Many upgrades and a big list of skill kills to unlock.

The game is well done but even tho I'm only a couple hours in, anything over 8-8.5 seems high...forget 9...maybe I'll change my mind when I'm done but no co-op or versus multi-player has to deduct at least 1 full point.

I have to say, I'm really enjoying Grayson Hunt and believe he will have a bright future in gaming...Ishi A$$hole sato is really bothering if everything is Hunts fault and Ishi is half machine because of Hunt he could be happier and dare I say, funnier...LMFAO

Also have KZ 3 and I'm looking forward to completing the campaign. Need a break from KZ as I played the demo to death...maybe

Judging by the scores being handed out, Bulletstorm not taking itself serious seems to have worked. All the fan boys making KZ3 out to be some sort of technical marvel really hurt the scores IMO. These Bulletstorm reviews must be killing them.

I don't want to comment to much as I have to finish the game first...still, nice to see others are enjoying it as well.

ElementX2824d ago

The demo was Echo game mode. This game has a single player campaign also. Echo is where you try to rack up more and more points.

beavis4play2824d ago

well - THANKS for that info.
when i played the demo, i couldn't figure out why everything i shot was giving some points and calling it a name. that got old real fast.

if there is a SP campaign, the game may be ok.

Fishy Fingers2824d ago

Every multiplat seems to get mass criticism around here, even when people havent played the game. If this were exclusive to one console or the other, it would be hailed the second coming.

Dont like it, stop clicking on it.

despair2824d ago

I think this game covers what is most important in any game, its fun, I am yet to get it and probably will when I see a discount on steam(if it ever releases on steam). I had a good feeling about this game, similar to the one I had for Borderlands and that turned out well.

RonXD2824d ago

Lol why all the crying about bias against the PS3?

We all know there are biased reviewers out there. But not everyone has some secret vendetta against Sony and PS3 exclusives folks.

Just ignore the reviews. One of my favorite games this generation, ModNation Racers, got some pretty average reviews and yet I still thoroughly enjoy the game almost a year later.

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