Halo 3 first-day sales hit $194 million

Microsoft Corp's Halo 3 video game set an opening-day US sales record of $194 million, outdoing any video game or movie debut and giving the company's money-losing entertainment unit a strong boost toward profitability.

Alien-shooting fans also surged onto Microsoft's Xbox Live online service. More than a million members took up virtual arms in Halo 3 in the first 20 hours on September 25, the day the game debuted, Microsoft said yesterday.

Halo 3 easily surpassed its predecessor, 2004's Halo 2, which racked up $142 million on the first day. The $68 game also beat the $67 million US opening-day movie box office record, set by Spider-Man 3.

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Jdash244098d ago

does anyone know where the IWHBYD (I Would Have Been Your Daddy) skull is? its the only skull i cant find

power of Green 4098d ago

Need to actually get into the game I tried to play this game with members of this site and I got my ass handed to me.

Mass Effect and Ace plus others will help MSFT in ways I'm only starting to understand.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4097d ago

I didn't beta Halo 3 I was to busy in a beta with another game I can't discuss, so all I have are the skills from Halo 2 and the little bit I have played of 3 (work work work) anyway I'm off for a while so Ill be on everynight around primetime. IM me for my tag, I used to put my tag in my profile but I had a Droid stalker so it's gone.

FirstknighT4098d ago

Beating out EVERY video game and movie debut. Looks like we have a #1 here! Very Impressive! I feel sorry for all the rabid sony fanboys that are to stubborn and is unfortunatly missing out on all the excitement. Sucks for you guys.

Good work Bungie! Take a long vacation! You guys deserve it. :)

blackrose54098d ago

This is stupid, you cant compare a movie to a game simply because a movie ticket doesn't cost $60.

KingJames19064098d ago

You can't compare a movie and a game unless it's in the form of entertainment which is VERY generic at best. Not to mention I keep seeing Spiderman 3 batted around from the other posts. The average Spiderman movie cost over $200,000,000 to make. Spiderman 3 is estimated at 258,000,000 according to But other industry insiders (google it) put Spiderman 3 more at the $300,000,000 mark or above and it went on to make 900,000,000 total worldwide box office. It's estimate Microsoft spent $60,000,000 to make Halo 3. What I'm saying is that the return on Halo 3 (if these numbers are correct) would make Spiderman 3 jealous as far as fist day sales are concerned.

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The story is too old to be commented.