Random Fandom – Bible Buffet for the NES

Default Prime: "In order to insulate itself from the factors that brought about the 1983 video game market crash, Nintendo implemented a number of hardware and software measures, some draconian in nature, to ensure it could completely regulate the NES’s market.

The Nintendo ‘Seal of Quality’ was originally one of these measures. I think we all know how that turned out.

The 10NES was an authentication ‘lock-out’ chip that would prevent an unlicensed game from running on an NES. An unlicensed game meant no royalties for Nintendo, cutting in to the company’s bottom line. In a discovery that should surprise absolutely no one, including console makers today (cough..Sony), it was found to be shockingly easy to bypass the protection. A simple voltage spike from a cartridge could knock the 10NES offline.

It’s because of that hardware oversight that today I bring you: Bible Buffet."

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