Videogamer: Bulletstorm Review

Bulletstorm is: a bromantic comedy starring two meat-heads and a chick with huge norks; a lesson in creative swearing and vulgarity; an interactive compendium of interesting things you can do with a gun; a middle-finger to the current customs and conventions of the FPS genre; and a shout out to its peers: "Hey! Assmaggots! Why you all gotta be so serious!?"

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FailOverHero2827d ago

Exactly what this genre needs, a lil bit of comedy. Day 3 for me

Arup022827d ago

Damn, no low scores so far. It is already ahead of lolzone on meta.

specialguest2827d ago

What's a low score?

Is 67 a low score?

Hmm... and it's only the 12th site counted, while there's 47 sites for KZ3 and the worst is no less than a 70. Interesting...

clearelite2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

didn't I just see you trolling on a different account dutchess. I'm calling you out and never speak too soon.

Both games will do fine, so take your fanboy bullsh%t elsewhere.

Reviews look great for both games.