Sega Dreamcast Collection Now Available for Xbox 360 & PC

Sega Dreamcast fans have something to get excited about. Sega has just launched the Sega Dreamcast Collection for both Xbox 360 and PC – a collection of memorable titles from the Dreamcast’s library. The collection features enhanced graphics.

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slavish32828d ago

why not give us the games we actually want. powerstone, shenmue.

lochdoun2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Because Sega likes to piss off it's fans on purpose.
Like adding stupid werehog levels to what would have been an amazing game, making Colours a Wii exclusive and screwing up Sonic 4.
Now this.

yewles12828d ago

Why do people keep asking SEGA for Powerstone? It's CAPCPM'S IP. That's like asking SEGA for CvS 1 and 2, or MvC2, or DOA2...

Solidus187-SCMilk2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

it is questionable WHY sega would release this with these games when SA and CT are already available to DL.

Sega is getting lamer by the day ut seems :(

EDIT-- also POWERSTONE IS A CAPCOM GAME, notice this sega collection includes games made by SEGA. Its up to capcom to release Powerstone games. I want capcom to put up Powerstone games and mega man X games to DL.

Edit 2-- NVM-that guy already said it^^

killcycle2828d ago

SONIC ADVENTURE HAS NO BORDERS IN THE VIDEO! <-- direct link to the trailer.

Wtf? I brought it from psn and it has blue side borders with no stretch options or anything.

guigsy2828d ago

@ killcycle

They probably just used Dreamcast footage for the trailer, I bet there's still borders.

Fireseed2828d ago

Because it'd take alot more memory to hold all the games we WANT :D how bout pretty much the entire Dreamcast lineup? The Sega Dreamcast imo is the greatest console to this date :)

gcolley2828d ago

a console that gets killed off half way through it's cycle cannot be the greatest console. we are talking games here, a console needs full support, only then can we know the full potential of the console. this is like saying the gamecube was the greatest. both consoles were awesome but unfortunately did not get the support from the industry because the Sony brand is cooler. Sony had the "image" card and in this bullshit image obsessed world of ours, branding is king.

my point is, either console could have been great but fell short because of the lack of third party support.

Fireseed2828d ago

Ummmm I had more fun with it than any other console... soo apparently an objective opinion can be wrong

I think the Dreamcast has had the greatest software line up out of any console

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Mush xx2828d ago

Powerstone and Shenmue would be good

Lirky2828d ago

Licensing issues thats why they Can never give games they want to give. Plus sometimes if they re-make a title they are work in progress for the title to re-make it in hd or just remake the game fully using the latest dev-kits.

Burning_Finger2828d ago

I'm pretty sure Shenmue 1 &2 HD collection will go to the PS3 like most HD port.

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The story is too old to be commented.