1UP: Bulletstorm Review

Billed as the "antidote" to the modern shooter, Bulletstorm is certainly on a much higher level of ridiculousness than, say, the Call of Duty franchise or the recent reboot of Medal of Honor. Even its sister series, Gears of War, which is over-the-top in its own right, can't keep up with Bulletstorm's old school, hyper masculine tendencies. And yet, it doesn't go quite far enough.

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Montrealien2825d ago

Good reviews, for a good game. :)

Stealth20k2825d ago

lol so I see the mixed reviews pooring in

Montrealien2825d ago

All I am seeing are positive reviews all over the place, well at least from established websites.

Chris3992825d ago

In the fanboy era (2006 and beyond) everything under 8 is an epic-fail, mega-flop.


I really loathe the whole reviewing process as it stands. Game looks fun. Played the demo? Watched some vids? Did you like what you experienced? Great. If you have $60 and like shooters, go ahead (I've budgeted for JRPGs this month, but to each their own).

Montrealien2825d ago

that kinda logic is way to dangerous for N4G chris. Be careful...


kingjoker342825d ago

but the thing is that times are tough, people dont have money to spend on a "good" game. If you can only afford a couple new games a year you are motly likely going to wait for the Best of the best games. is 8 a good score? yes, but am i willing to spend $60 + tax for a 8 game while other 9 and 10 games are coming soon? probably not.

mcstorm2825d ago

Bring on Friday can't wait for this game demo was very good and reviews are what I expected them to be.

Tommykrem2825d ago

Ah, now this is the guy.
Cynical and laid back, but still open. Good review.
Tired of the "OMGFGTW blow people heads off!!!!!!" reviews. I'm going to go read some "OMGFTWWTF best graphics on console" reviews of Killzone 3 now, because I like them.
(What, at least I'm honest)