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"From all of the pre-release hype you would think that Bulletstorm is the next triple-A franchise from Epic. Hyped to hell and back by one Mr. Cliff Bleszinski and developed by People Can Fly, the team behind Painkiller, Bulletstorm definitely feels like it should be the “next big thing.” It is certainly unique, rewarding players for smartly performing creative kills in a cartoonishly violent world. It’s childish and immature, and there is a sense of pride in that. Downright fun, gleeful and self-aware, yet some serious flaws keep Bulletstorm from reaching its full potential." -Ben PerLee, GameZone

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topgeargorilla2824d ago

Bummer about the bugs. That's no good.

athmaus2824d ago

meh game really didnt interest me to begin with

LunaticBrandon2824d ago

Yeah bad year for FPS so far.

Heavy_Rain2824d ago

Probably only Rage and KZ3 deserve any sort of mention I guess.

TheSanchezDavid2824d ago

Though I'm not the biggest FPS fan around, this game interested me due to its art style and lighthearted gameplay. It's a shame it has bugs that detract from the experience so much. Looks like I'll be skipping out on this one.

Shane_For_Wax2824d ago

I'm not sure this game is taking itself seriously. But on the other hand, that can be a good thing. I however am not a fan of crotch shots for points.


Ace_19752824d ago

Hey Gamesradar, about that 10/10. How big was the money bag that made you write that one.

Perjoss2824d ago

or maybe they really liked it.

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The story is too old to be commented.