The Fight: Lights Out Delivers a One-Two Punch of DLC Today

PS Blog: Get ready to step your game up, because PlayStation Move’s ultra-realistic brawler, The Fight: Lights Out, is taking the brutal bare-knuckle fighting experience to the next level with two new DLC packs, available today on PlayStation Network.

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cochise3132829d ago

I hear this game is a lot better than the reviewers say. I want to buy it, but I'm on the fence about it.

zootang2829d ago

You should not trust reviewers when it comes to PS3 titles. Just look at past reviews of GT5 or KZ3. Features wise they are above the competition. Yet they continually get slated by the media. You can't blame them though they are just looking after their interests (advertisers)

Man In Black2829d ago

The people who gave it low reviews are generally a bunch of fat-asses who can't be bothered to actually do some exercise. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it's a lot of fun, and is actually pretty great as a fitness game. As you upgrade your attributes, the controls become more responsive, probably not the best idea, but at least it gives a sense of progression.

Wh15ky2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

This game is good.

The motion control works well although you have to increase your fighters stats by doing the training games to fully realise the accuracy of the controls.

When I first played it (for the first 15 minutes or so) I thought the game was broken, which is when I think most reviewers ran out of breath returned to their computers and wrote their reviews.

I then spent around an hour or so in the training modes, upgraded my stats to between 40% and 50% each, then jumped into a fight and I couldn't believe how responsive it had become.

If you have 2 Move controllers this game is so cheap now that it's a must IMO. If your a fight fan, fairly fit and looking for a decent workout game then I highly recommend it.

The reviews put me off of buying it aswell but the user reviews on Amazon and Metacritic convinced me to take a chance with it, I'm very glad I did and will never let "professional" reviews sway me again.

The cons of this game are:
The online - You can hardly ever find an opponent, when you do find one it runs smoothly enough but some people have very strange fighting techniques and winning is rarley down to skill.
The events get repetitive but unless you're super fit you won't be able to play for long enough to get too bored of it.
The training modes are a bit hit and miss, speed ball's crap and heavy bag is a bit monotenous. Endurance sparring is good though and the target practice is really good. The XP you earn from any training mode can be used to upgrade any ability so as long as you like one you're good.

This DLC is pretty good too and cheap it's been on the EU store since last week and gives you some new training modes. It's very satisfying battering the crap out of the training dummy, the way it moves when you punch it very realistic and it feels really good when you start stringing combos together.

Ifone2829d ago

"I hear this game is a lot better than the reviewers say"

Like 99% of the ps3 games, if you compare them to games from ithers consoles (but you don't have to do that)

metsgaming2829d ago

they should really release a demo and then that will convince alot of people

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HungryGoku2829d ago

If you are a pussy who can't sweat this game isn't for you Marvel vs Capcom 3 is that way.

ElementX2829d ago

I almost bought this today at Best Buy. I was on the fence. Amazon reviewers give it a lot of 5/5 star reviews, gaming sites said it sucked. I bought a 2nd Move controller, a Nav, KZ3, and Bulletstorm today. I decided to buy a used copy of The Fight on either Amazon or Craigslist. I had bought the second Move for Fight and some of the Sports Champions games.

additup282829d ago

fitness pack, was my one complaint about the game, that it needed more training mini games

Wh15ky2829d ago

This is a decent training pack. The combo target practice is really good and so is the training dummy.

I would have liked a maize bag though. You know the training mode in Fight Night Round 4 when the maize bag swings and you just have to dodge it by leaning side to side?
I think that would work really well with this game by just keeping the Moves up to your chin.

blackburn52829d ago

They need to add some female fighters too. Some bad girls to spice things up.

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