Video games can be artistic but are they art?

Compare an Atari to an Xbox and it is easy to see just how far along graphically video games have come in the last few decades. No one is going to look at Pong, and BioShock's under water city of Rapture, and say they are the same. Now as beautiful, and moving as the skylines cut scenes, and settings are the debate rages on whether or not video games are art.

Video games have inspired art, such as Gallery 1988's "I am 8-Bit" or any other piece of fan work that can be found with a Google search. But are they art?

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Blaze9292824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

ulgh, are we really going to have this discussion AGAIN? only on n4g where unique articles don't exist

Bigpappy2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Who gives a crap if they are art? If you want are go to an art museum. If you want games go the the game store and buy some.

Video Games are are a casual pleasure, like movie just more interactive. But they are not movie, they are Video Game.

Whats wrong withthem just being Video Games?

rockleex2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I hate it when people think that some video games are being viewed as art simply because of the artstyle.

A piece of art has less to do with appearances, but more to do with whats underneath.

SkyCrawler2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

When something is put on paper(whether concept drawings or script), it was a thought first. Then someone takes that thought and decides they want to indulge in it. They put their time and creativity into them to give the viewer some kind of emotion and thought. It kills me that some individuals think because it's made from pixels and not actual physical matter that its undeserving of the title "art".

MrKingofVideoGames2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Art is stupid... Videogames are cool! Let them have their "art." Who cares?

Millah2824d ago

Trying to define art is just idiotic. Art is open to interpretation, thats what makes it art. I personally see any medium involving creativity, design, and expression to be a form of art. And I certainly believe that truly unique and innovative game design to be an artform. But someone who doesn't have an understanding or appreciation for video games (Roger Ebert) would not be able to see its artistic value, and should not try to comment on it.

I actually did a speech on this topic recently.

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thebudgetgamer2824d ago

well someone has to create the things we see on the screen, doesn't that make them artist thus making thier medium "video games" art.

Bigbangbing2824d ago

Yes they are, Fumito Ueda and Jenova Chen proved that.

adlt2824d ago

I dunno just pulling the first definition I can find....

"The product of human creativity"

Haha sounds like video games count then. To be honest though I didn't read the article so it may have some valid arguments, I just don't want to hear them haha.

rezzah2824d ago

Art is a form of expression. Its like a conflict of opinions, people have different tastes for different art.

In truth all forms or expression of what is considered art is art, in the eyes of the beholder. That includes the rotten corpse to the vivid flowers in a garden.

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