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IGN writes: Bulletstorm demonstrates the value of "why" for action games. Taken out of the context of its fiction, People Can Fly would have something fun but forgettable on their hands, but the way Bulletstorm fits together results in something cool and memorable. Multiplayer failings notwithstanding, Bulletstorm shines as a single-player shooter. Despite its crass humor and wang-flinging bravado, it's got some real character and heart to it. I'm not happy about the story's sequel-bait belly flop of an ending, but I'm excited to see where Grayson and Bulletstorm go next.

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undercovrr2824d ago

Good review, makes sense. Although a game with a 5.5 re playability score should not be in the 8.0 score range.

Montrealien2824d ago

that is odd, it is a good gamethough and its an easy 8 in my books.

teething2824d ago

a fair review. It lost points for multiplayer (a must for high scoring shooters these days...) which is fine by me because I have had enough fill of online FPS multiplayer, so it is low priority for me.

I look forward to a game with silly humor that is just a good time.

DualConsoleOwner2824d ago

but bought too many games...

so i am gonna wait a bit especially with low 5.5 playability score.

NewMonday2824d ago

"I'm not happy about the story's sequel-bait belly flop of an ending"

This will stop me from even renting it

GrieverSoul2824d ago

To me, thats a not-buy argument. I always said that the games length isnt a problem for me because Im more interested in the ride itself. If the story is good and the gameplay too, I dont mind if the game is short. However, not even a closure moment for the story in order to provide a sequel or some DLC?!? Count me out Epic. I think you guys got cocky on this one.

NOTE: Im waiting to see a flame bait article stating the 5 and a half hour length. I mean, for killzone that was a "HORRIBLE" mistake by the devs. Lets see more hate for multiplat titles too please. And yeah... go ahead and call me fanboy. Its the TRUTH and you know it!

Solidus187-SCMilk2823d ago

I also got the code for the gears beta in the rental so Im happy about that.

Montrealien2823d ago

Its not a code solidus, you need that actual game to access the beta.

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Simon_Brezhnev2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

True but this is IGN lol. I bet they give COD a 9.5 this year.


wow your mad lol. I just made a prediction and your taking it to the heart.

SuperLupe2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Oh give it up already, they gave Black Ops a 8.5. If you cant call a conspiracy on recent scores you call one on imaginary games that arent even out yet.

MasterOfThe12Blades2824d ago

Not sure about this game...didn't really like the demo and the reviews range from 6 to 10. I might give it rent though.

SuperLupe2824d ago

Yeah...really taking it to heart.

Vherostar2824d ago

I agree since they changed there score system they have been a lot more tight on the scoring so people need to stop comparing there new scores vs old like GT5 vs Forza 3 (the perfect example here).

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-Alpha2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Replayability scores should not dictate the minimum/maximum overall scores.

Fl0wer wasn't something you would really go back to after you finish your initial playthrough, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't score 8+

Different components can be valued differently as well depending on the game. Many games with poor graphics have strong gameplay, and gameplay should be weighed more than graphics usually so in some cases it's perfectly fine.

jack_burt0n2824d ago

there was loads of stuff to do in flower, and it was a cheap psn game.

weird comparison.

Biggest2824d ago

I understand your idea, Alpha-Male22, but Flower isn't a good comparison. Games like SotC would fit more as it was a brilliant game that didn't really cater to replayability.

SuperStrokey11232824d ago

I agree, its the quality not the quantity of a game that makes it great.

undercovrr2824d ago

I bought flower for $10 on PSN, bulletstorm is full price. Plus, its not like bulletstorm is some kind of epic story adventure, it seems like just another military roid-rage shooter.

So yes, in this case, re playability SHOULD justify the overall score

-Alpha2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Fl0wer was just the first game that came to mind, SoTC is a good example too, though it had a time trial mode, so I think SoTC had more replayability than Fl0wer did.

The point is that the different components that go into a score aren't all weighed equally.

A game with 10/10 gameplay can make up for 6/10 graphics


See, I think this is why most SP games tack on a multiplayer: games that aren't mean to have replayability (single player games), force Multiplayer to make games last longer. But Single player games aren't always judged so crucially on replayability. For most gamers, they care about the initial experience and the quality of it.

TheBlackSmoke2824d ago

Yo, I heard someone was comparing Bulletstorm's quality to Shadow of the colossus ....I lol'd

jack_burt0n2824d ago

Wow flower and SOTC two of the most different games to bulletstorm u could ever find ever.

You should really be comparing it to "the club" imo. The game is made or broken on how fun the core mechanics are and the lastability score should be determined by how attainable and realistic it would be to platinum/100% it.

And then factor in IGN is 100% worthless when reviewing games.

gypsygib2824d ago

Flower was 10 bucks, replay value/length definitely should influence a game score, if BS launched at 10 dollars it would deserve a higher score.

Value should go into reviewing.

Do you think anyone would give Super Meat Boy or Limbo such high ratings if they released at 60 dollars.

RememberThe3572824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

We all got the point stop bickering over which made would have made a better example of what we all understood the first time.

Philoctetes2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

For a $60 full retail release, replayability should absolutely be one of the key factors in deteriming the score. Comparing this game to Flower -- a $10 PSN title -- is awful. Heavy Rain would be a more apt comparison.

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meetajhu2824d ago

Yeah so much for cliffy B's hype and viral marketing by the fellow women producer. Looks like Crysis 2 takes the FPS crown this year!

undercovrr2824d ago

Crysis 2 hasn't even come out? How do you know how good it will be? And have you even played Bulletstorm, or are you just judging it based on what someone else says? How about killzone, did you forget that as well? GTFO troll

SnakeMustDie2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I doubt Crysis 2 will take the FPS GOTY. It will have a great SP campaign no doubt but I predict that the campaign story will have a lot of plotholes like the first Crysis.

Here's hoping Crysis 2 will explain some things from the first Crysis like how the hell did Prophet survived and hacked an alien weapon.

jetlian2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

your should wait till all contenders are out! like brink, rage, homefront, BF3 and COD

Thoreau2824d ago

if you only own a 360....

Arnon2824d ago

If I had to choose any FPS title this year that I thought would get FPS crown, it would be Portal 2.

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schlanz2824d ago

I could tell by the demo this game would get repetitive. Why do they let you kick and leash so damn much? There should have been a stamina meter or something to limit how much of that you can do in the midst of a firefight. Its kinda ridiculous how damn easy it makes everything.

Morbius4202824d ago

If you kill using the same method you score less so you shouldn't spam the kick button.

schlanz2823d ago

That's if you even care about scores... which I doubt many people are. I understand they might be using scores as a way to deter spamming but it's far from a being an effective remedy.

frostyhat1232824d ago

Thats your biased opinion.

Ghoul2824d ago

i played through it at the weekend,

the story is a sad joke with a horrible cliffhanger ending.

Graphics are nice but nothing really spectacular, looks like a gears rip in terms of design and feel. (but then again its epic's standard look)

the game itself was fun but in no way am i going to play through it again since the different methods to kill the enemy are nice but definatly nothing ill go on a hunt for completing every available kill combo.

all in all a nice but forgetable game.

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hamburger1232824d ago

5 and half hours........SMDH

schlanz2824d ago

5 and a half hours, "gets really repetitive 2/3 of the way through", and a 5.5 replay score is what gets me the most.

A 5 hour game that is a blast from start to finish and makes you want to play it over and over is no problem from where I'm sitting.. Sin and Punishment 2 comes to mind.

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OllieBoy2824d ago

Games are getting more expensive, but they are getting shorter as well.

The solution: tacked-on multiplayer!

iistuii2824d ago

Both releases this week are on the short side, I don't get why these games are getting shorter and shorter. Ok you've got MP, but you could finish games nowadays in at least two sittings, maybe one if you felt like it, the COD games are the same, seems they rely on MP to save them.

dirthurts2824d ago

Quality vs quantity?
Most of my favorite games of all time are pretty short.
Games are expensive to make. Especially new IPs where the risk is much higher like this tittle.
I'm sure if there is a sequel it will be longer, but also made from a much larger team.

cyclonus0072824d ago

Single player has become just a preview for the multiplayer. Out of all the people I know who bought Black Ops, I'm the only one who actually played the campaign. But I bet if they removed a single player campaign from the next CoD, people would be outraged.

Philoctetes2824d ago

That's becauase games like Killzone and COD are multiplayer games. That's what people buy them for. The SP campaigns are the tacked-on parts.

ElementX2824d ago

Bought this and KZ3, cracked open a beer and I'm about to start BS first. I just bought a nav controller to go with my move and I'm waiting for that to charge, otherwise I'd be playing KZ3 first!

nycrekid2824d ago


Word of advice give it time and make sure you play botzone to tweak the controls to your liking before playing the full game. Also if you are getting the sharpshooter be aware it is tiring to use.

After you get the control settings adjusted it's beast. Blasting mofos with the sharpshooter is NICE!

ElementX2824d ago

I didn't get the sharpshooter. I already spent $214 today on BS, KZ3, Nav, and 2nd Move. I wanted to get The Fight for the workout because users on Amazon are giving it 5/5 stars, the reviews sucked, but people seem to enjoy it.

nycrekid2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

The problem with reviews for the Fight is because it is a tough game. It requires some grinding to level up and it makes you work soooooo hard you sweat up a storm. These reviewers were expecting a casual fighting game and got a beating. give it time, work on your lighting and setting and expect a workout and you will have tons of fun!

I mean come on how can you hate going online to fight some stranger and beat him down?

On a different note if you like shooters the sharpshooter kicks ass.

gypsygib2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

True, I recommend lowering the boxes significantly and the crosshairs speed too.

Here are my settings if it helps, I find them perfect and better turning/aiming than any standard controller could offer for consoles:

Horizontal: 0
Vertical: 20
CrossHairs: 0
Turn speed: 50-60
Auto Aim off
Hold Zoom
Toggle Crouch

Took me about 1.5 hrs to get used to the new controls, now I never want to play a FPS with only analogs again, Move is that good!

dc12823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Also note that the recent 0 day patch provides some config improvements and there is a second patch that will address the over sensitivity issue. Over all.. I loved using move in the beta.
Playing KZ3 with the controller now but will pick the sharpshooter up again once the second patch is pushed.
By the way the Sharpshooter has to be the best gun/peripheral in the history of gaming (see Bentley –Sly Cooper gang).
on topic:
I played the Demo through completion a couple of time. It was ok (loved the whip+ boot+ head shoot). But,.. it didn’t grab me. The hard reality is that there are several games that will be released over the next couple of much so that I can only spend my hard earned cash on 'sure fired' bets that don’t provide a smidge for regret.
As with all development efforts – I wish this game the best.