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The Gaming writes: "All in all Bulletstorm had the potential to become something very special but failed to live up to what we had come to expect. The multiplayer is, without a doubt, the game’s saving grace as the single player campaign becomes not only a frustrating ordeal, but a dissapointing at best."

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oweowe2824d ago

Man, with these new low scores (along with KZ3's), I guess Uncharted 3 can only get 9 at most from these crappy

CrzyFooL2824d ago

Troll review? I'm seeing 9's and 10's all over the place today!

iistuii2824d ago

I only look at the main sites, not that I take any notice on purchasing, but the main sites I tend to agree with after my play through, and they are all giving it nothing less than 8.

SuperStrokey11232824d ago

Might just not be their cup of tea, thats ok as long as they justify it. Its the content of the review that matters, not the number at the end. I havnt read this one yet to know if they are justifying their position or not.

awiseman2824d ago

Well bulletstorm is kinds on a love/hate kinds thing so they be on the hate side, not necessarily a "troll" review...

MWH2824d ago

hello wiseman, love/hate thing to a consumer yes but not to a reviewer who should be aware that reviews may significantly affect a title's success rate.

a review should be objective and uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices. so out of all the 8s, 9s and 10s we see this black sheep 6 here, i say it's under some influence alright!

anyway, i am the reviewer of my own games and i'm getting this no matter what.

Bloodyghost2824d ago

What a half assed review. Seriously.

Dazel2823d ago

There's always one review to spoil any games thunder.

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