Games Radar: Bulletstorm Review

Bulletstorm is not what you think it is. Whatever you thought of the demo and wherever you sit on the expectation scale, whether you currently perceive it as a potty-mouthed piece of juvenilia or a glorious hark-back to the balls-out fun of Duke Nukem 3D and Quake, you’re wrong. It’s far, far more than that, and it’s far, far better than that.

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ElDorado2828d ago

10/10 Yeah Right? It's probably a good game, but a 10.

FailOverHero2828d ago

Great, so you've played it then? The full game I mean? No? Thats wierd, how is it you have an opinion about a game you haven't played in full?

Tommykrem2828d ago

Yeah, because you have to play a game to realise wether it's good or not. Most people are able to make a pretty good assumption if they've played a part of the game and seen some material. I also think a 10 is pretty ridicolous, but sure if everything, but the demo level is absolutely fantastic then maybe.

NaiNaiNai2828d ago

well tommy under that conclusion.

I guess Killzone sucks no matter what game its know since Killzone 1 sucked so hard.

Inside_out2828d ago

Hey, I'm playing the game right now and while I have a ways to go...10/

It's very entertaining and I think Grayson hunt needs to write a bio and make a game about it BUT 10/10???

Sorry, but no co-op or versus multi-player has to deduct at least 1 full point...O_o

BTW...for those that know how Rico was in KZ 2, this Ishi Sato has taken his crown...Maybe I should wait till the end before I say may turn into some sort of hero.

Tommykrem2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

No, because then you're judging a game by another related game. If you actually play a part of the game itself, however, you're liable to make up an educated opinion on if you're going to think that the game sucks or not, as you're presented to the core mechanics of the game.

I played the Bulletstorm demo, and was amazed by that a short demo can feel repetetive. So I figured that if the core mechanics of the demo weren't fun to me, I'm not likely to give the game a 10 if I were to review the full thing. Of courses these assumptions can at times be wrong, they are useful if you don't want to try and buy every single game out there, and they are right often enough to work for me.

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chase1672828d ago

7/5 TO 10 THE MOST

UNCyrus2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

The reviews for the game are all over the board...

*EDIT* @Below. VERY true! Seem to be hovering right around 8's

Montrealien2828d ago

however the reviews from respectable sites are not.

HelghastDrake2828d ago

lol this game doesnt even have any versus multiplayer. If this was a PS3 exclusive it would be 5s and 6s across the board. Im almost starting to hate gaming journalists as much as i hate conservatives.. and thats saying a lot!

monkpunk12828d ago

If it had 3d, innovating control systems and out of this world visuals it would get marked down for that too...

FailOverHero2828d ago

No site is brave enough to give a ps3 exclusive a 5, they fear their offices will get burned to the ground, so there goes your conspiracy theory

Raven_Nomad2828d ago

GamesRadar is one of the more respectable sites I've seen review it. To me BulletStorm probably wont be a GOTY type of game, but it's a game you'll have a hell of a good time with, like a summer action movie, it wont win the Oscar, but you'll enjoy it much, much more then the movie that will win that Oscar.

Tommykrem2828d ago

I agree, GamesRadar is a respectable site. They're also pretty easy on the tens, and this is their type of game, I suppose (for some reason I get the impression that they really like mentally insane games).

And I doubt I'll enjoy this more than Inception :P

Krakn3Dfx2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Without campaign coop and missing a boatload of potential online modes, this game is a $30-$40 title, not a $60 one. Going to wait for it to hit $40 on Amazon, then I'll use my $20 KZ3 credit towards it.

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