Bulletstorm Review (Strategy Informer)

From Strategy Informer: "Say what you like, Microsoft were genius' for making the achievement system, or at least, making it mainstream. If there's one thing gamers like, it's competition. If there's one thing they like more than that, it's rubbing it in, and nothing says "Haha I'm better than you" more than a number that can be compared to other numbers on a leaderboard. The gamer score system was a great expression of the 'Internet Penis' culture, but even Epic Games Cliff Bleszinksi would say that they no longer go far enough, which is where their new game Bulletstorm comes in. "

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Montrealien2854d ago

Day one purchase, along with Killzone 3.

rufnux2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I'm like... First?

disregard that, I suck co*ks

Anyways, cant wait to get this game! loved the demo, played it to bits!