GameShark: Killzone 3 Review

GameShark writes "It is impossible to assess Killzone 3 without holding it accountable for trying perhaps a little too hard to ape the success of the biggest franchises in the genre—namely Call of Duty and Halo"

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awiseman2856d ago

This review is going to be labled as uncredible, just like Gamepot and all the others who didnt give KZ3 a better score.

Although I hear Hip Hop Gamer game KZ3 a 10/10 I guess he's credible...Also I heard he says KZ3 graphics are unrivaled on all platforms :P

TKCMuzzer2856d ago

Your point?
It seems some sites review the game as it is and others look for as many reasons as why it can't be good.
Simple as this, I liked the single player demo and loved the beta. That means I made up my own mind, like so many others.