Cry Of Fear mod for Half-Life 1 is simply mind-blowing

DasReviews writes: "Like iD’s entire flagship, Half-Life was friendly to the mod community. As a result of this, we got some amazing mods for it. Hell, one of the best FPS was actually a mod for Half-Life. But let’s face it, Half-Life is old and most of the teams moved on to either HL2 or to other games. So we were taken by surprised by Team Psykskallar’s latest work..."

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gillri2828d ago

mods are rarely mind-blowing

gman_2972827d ago


Team Fortress?

The God-knows-how-many for Minecraft?

Ducky2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

The Cube was a good mod too.

Anyways I am actually anticipating CoF since it was announced. AfraidOfMonsters (a previous mod by the same team) was also quite good.
It seems if you want real survival horror, then you'll find it in mods or indie games.

It's mind-blowing what they've done visually with the engine as it is. Look at the screenshots and then compare it to Half-Life.

radphil2827d ago

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

That's all I got to say about horror. So terrifying. :)