‘Bulletstorm’ Is Too Reasonable

Bulletstorm, an excellent new first-person shooter from People Can Fly and Epic Games (Gears of War), has been recently singled out for the way it rewards particularly gruesome acts of violence. For example, players can earn “Skill Shots” for blowing off an arm (Surgeon), shooting an enemy in the neck (Gag Reflex), and impaling an enemy on a large cactus (Pricked). These aren’t minor features, but a central aspect of the gameplay.

But Bulletstorm is not as ludicrous as either the media or the game studios would have you think. It has firm roots in earlier PC shooters—games like Duke Nukem 3D and Serious Sam, which set the tone for Bulletstorm by tossing hypermasculine protagonists with big guns in cartoonish worlds; and Soldier of Fortune, whose main selling point was the ability to dismember enemies with well-placed bullets. Bulletstorm is a smart and meaningful evolution of those cult classics, updating their run-and-gun antics for a modern palate. The real issue is that it doesn’t go quite far enough to create something new.

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MGRogue20172824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Seeing as how both games come out on the same day & some people only have enough money to afford one out of the two..

Just forget this game and pick up Killzone 3 instead. :P

Kon2824d ago

I have a better idea: Pick one, rent the other. Seems better for me.

MGRogue20172824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

or wait for Bulletstorm to drop in price.. Killzone 3 on the other hand is 100% worth buying on day one.

You don't want to miss out on all the fun.

Tommykrem2824d ago

Unlike Duke Nukem, I absolutely loathe the dialogue in this game. Would much rather listen to Fallout 3 and MGS4 argue wether war has changed or not.

But sure, 90% of the reviews have been very positive, so I guess it has its qualities.

Ravenor2824d ago

Agreed 100%, I found the dialogue in Bulletstorm hard to enjoy and the Kills to get quite boring after doing them a few times.

Whipping and kicking someone into spikes is only fun for so long.

SwampCroc2824d ago

that's what I was thinking when I first saw the game... I was like something about it makes it look like it will get old real quick.

SwampCroc2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I bought my KZ3 160GB PS3 bundle last night... and I got home and set everything up... and the first thing I did was add funds and download Resident Evil 2....

and then I proceeded to play KZ3..

there wasn't really many people... and one dude was real clear he was just getting Bulletstorm for the Beta...