Killzone 3 – Trophy Completion Guide with Videos

RipTen: Killzone 3 has finally been released and it’s time to complete your Trophy collection. Think you have what it takes to get the coveted Platinum trophy? We’ve got this guide to give you the needed help.

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Batmau52823d ago

This will be mighty helpful when i buy the game, thanks.

kevco332823d ago

It's not out in the UK til Friday.

jaredhart2823d ago

Ah, sux to be you kevco. :P

FACTUAL evidence2823d ago

I'm about to pick up my copy now. I would be up all night playing, but work in the morning....

CrzyFooL2823d ago

You will never platinum - give up now ISA scum.

rajman2823d ago

Why post an incomplete video walkthrough when theres already completed ones on Youtube?

jaredhart2823d ago

Shows how much you pay attention. This is a trophy guide.

rajman2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

So why have a link on the very first paragraph 'Click for Killzone 3 HD Video Walkthrough Guide' which like I said is incomplete? great posting
edit: "What does it have to do with this story?" lol thats the best you got, take your crappy journalism elsewhere. I have no reason to PM you, you already made yourself look stupid :D

jaredhart2823d ago Show
rajman2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

"take it your mom let you stay home sick today"
lol and this is the guy who wrote that article, is your whole site full of kids?

CrzyFooL2823d ago

So you want people to go search for vids on YT instead of finding them in one place? Hell man, link me to em - i'll go ^__^