Patch Alert: MAG v2.11

Official MAG Blog: It’s been a few of months since our last MAG update, but it has certainly been time well spent! Since our previous patch released in December, we’ve made a number of helpful improvements that you can enjoy for yourselves starting February 23.

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ChozenWoan2824d ago

They picked a fine time to drop this much needed update. With everyone playing KZ3 the servers will be at their lowest ever.

I still intend to play MAG regularly since it is more squad based than most games, but in the mean time... Kill the Vekta Scum... or Higs. Whichever you prefer.

killcycle2824d ago

The majority of the people that play MAG are people that are generally interested in the real life military and team organised war.

I could of only imagine 5% at most will move onto Killzone 3 and after a month at most will be back to MAG.

MAG is unique in it's own way, thats why Ps3 is so good, it has so much variety.

Nothing against Killzone it's a great franchise i've got them all (Kz3 friday) but i don't see mag hurt from it in any way.

Chubear2824d ago

I will enjoy KZ3 MP for what it's worth but I'm mainly in it for SP and since there is no online Co-op, the MP aspect will likely hold me for about a month cause I'm not this type of MP gamer

... but MAG, that's where I'll be on the most. Hopefully after SOCOM's release Zipper will bring out DOM&ACQUI map packs for DLC... until MAG2 is announced :D

ChozenWoan2824d ago

Don't get me wrong, I love MAG.

Go Raven: Intell Assassins aka IA

/shameless shoutout

I'm just saying that this week works out great so they can work out them last few bugs... since SEVR now has to play on Raven's Dom map, it will finally quit randomly dropping 90% of a supergroup.

Ohh, and I think we will finaly see someone other than SEVR owning more than 2 contracts in Aqui, Sabo, and Dom now.

killcycle2824d ago

Nice, love zippers support for MAG

chase1672824d ago

M.A.G is the best FPS out

BabyTownFrolics2824d ago

too bad the player base is so small

wanaraceu2824d ago

Awesome news I will go to kz for a bit but I always come back to MAG it's a heap of fun

JAMurida2824d ago

That's a nice update.

Finally making DOM and AQU faction neutral. Hopefully this will kill the people who jump up and down about SVER being "overpowered".

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