EA Accidentally Announces New Command & Conquer From New Studio Victory Games

Gamertag Radio writes: "So it appears that an announcement from EA went out a bit too early. The page has already been taken down, but a few people were able to grab some information before that happened. The first appears to have been a small interview with Jon Van Caneghem, the apparent head of the new Victory Games."

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Burning_Finger2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

NO PS3 Version...That's *bleep* Balls of Steel..

Letros2824d ago

Well, it's PC only, so yea...

Persistantthug2824d ago

To date it's never happened....unfortunately.

kudakadere2824d ago

From this day we can now say that it all started with the Mass Effect 2 leak and ever since there a guy at EA who keeps the Tap open

mightyboot2824d ago

Why they keep insisting on Command and Conquer games its getting milked to death at this rate.

Whitey2k2824d ago

lets hope this new one is going to better cos command n conquer 4 was proper crap

TheColbertinator2824d ago

Enough EA,no more.You killed the series after cutting up Westwood.

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