Bulletstorm: the first 10 minutes

Gameplay video for the shooter

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Nelson M2850d ago

That's the First ten mins i have seen of BulletStorm
And it is the Last ten mins i will See !!
Now off to Killzone 3 i go

Biggest2850d ago

And still no worthwhile reviews. What an awesome game this must be.

FACTUAL evidence2849d ago

That was more boring than haze's first 10 minutes...

KRATOS-PS32849d ago

Hmm, not really impressed by the video :|

ardivt2849d ago

some german youtube dude already has four or five videos of a walkthrough online. but the game language is also german.

I still have to agree that it looks better than the demo

Pozzle2849d ago

If you're going to steal other site's videos, at least make sure there's no watermark on them :/

Here's the original source:

Xfanboy2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

UE3 looks not bad but not good.. until I saw the character models of course. 2:18 rrod

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