Bungie Responds to Legendary Complaints, Cinematics are remastered

Gamers who viewed the second bonus DVD included with the $129.99 Halo 3 legendary edition would have been no doubt disappointed. The box claims that all the cinematics from Halo 1 and 2 are on the disc completely remastered with high-res versions however this doesn't seem to be true. The cinematics look very poor and the colors washed out with many gamers complaining as a result. However Bungie has responded by stating that the cutscenes were remastered and are better than the originals and sent apologies to those who felt they are getting ripped off.

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romemac74099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

omg how more cheap can Microsoft and bungie get with there must have game of the year lol yea right!!!and before all you xbot start up, let me sum it up lol

1.Microsoft pack up all the game in carping case lol,that scratched the game all up and then tell you to sent it back,wait two week to a new one wtf.
2.the graphics are just halo 2 in hd lol,i wonder what happened with that CG they show everyone back in 2006 lol mmmm?
3.halo 3 co-op only play in a 16:9 display leaving alot of free space on you t.v for you 360box to wonder wtf happened lol whit your so call killer game. this with the legendary pack lol
and this is the ps3 killer every xbot been talking about lmoa right,by the way you xbot talk about how the ps3 is $599 that and this but yet look at your halo 3--->$130.00, wow nuff much for your so call game of the year lol, this is how much Microsoft love all there gamer out there by give you carping syster(3ROD),bad so call game of the year(halo3)and sh$ting online(xbotlive)for $50 a year.but yet i know you xbot are still going to keep say 360 number 1 yea right only in your litter ill still with my overprices system(Ps3)with it no game and it no fail rats lol.

PWNSAUSE---->damm that is some fu$kup sh$t lol!!!but i believe you because Microsoft is one cheap montherfu$ker. i can see it now bill gate rolling in all his money lol while tenbaging the sh$t out of all his 360bot out there lmao!!!!but that what happened when you back up a no class company like Microsoft!!!

pwnsause4099d ago

not to mention when the game is actually not inside the legendary edition box. Yesterday I was at a local gamestop, went in to preorder Guitar Hero III, then this kid comes in with a halo 3 legendary edition box, I was like, WTH, arent you suppose to be playing halo right now. The kid stared at me, he was like, "how if the game is missing from the box,I called microsoft customer service to see how the issue can be resolved, they told me to go to the place were I brought it", he walks up to the counter, the Gamestop employees said that they're out of their policy to exchange the game for him. I couldnt believe I saw that, Shame on Microsoft.

Kaneda4099d ago

wow, poor kid... spent $130 for nothing...

DJ4099d ago

the original cutscenes look better than the 'High Definition Remastered' ones put in the Legendary Edition...that are apparently heavily compressed and standard definition. I can't help but notice the list of complaints with Halo 3 so far:

Some copies are missing the actual game disc.
The Metal Case is defective and leads to damaged discs.
The Legendary Edition (most expensive one) has been falsely marketed for the past 3 months.

I know Microsoft isn't the best company when it comes to hardware, but you'd think they'd be able to get DVDs right.

Farsendor14099d ago


well this is a bit of a problem just got the normal halo 3 so of course it hasent happened to me.

Bathyj4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

So whats next? The standard Edition is missing the last level?

I've gotta say they really haven't handled their flagship franchise very well.

DVD cant play HD content? Since when? It can play it, just not much of it.

Poorly compressed? Bots would have you believe there wasn't such a thing.

Anyone else think they should have put the whole thing on one BluRay?

Gina-get-u4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

Guys, if you're gonna try to piss into the Halo lemonade, come up with something stronger. This stuff is just weak. All these niggling little complaints about the little stuff sound like a bunch of prison homos crying that their cellmates didn't bang them hard enough. Here's a tip: play the game and find something about it that truly sucks, then get back to us. Something like "game unplayable - stupid motion control doesn't work" or "no online multiplayer and only 6 hours long" or even "no freakin solo campaign, no freakin story, on-line only." Find anything like that, and you may have a chance of persuading us that Halo is a lousy game after all and all that fun we just had was just our imagination.

jiggyjay4099d ago

LOL great points.. Sony fanboys are funny! Always bringing us Xbots down!! Its not our fault their console of choice is a $600 POS!!

Hatchetforce4099d ago

First of all I agree with some of your comments. Some, not all. HALO 3 gets a 10, no doubt. But that 2nd Bonus disc is ridiculous. Don't be a fanboy while accusing others of the same fault.

I have the Legendary and the movies are a ripoff. I was looking forward to something great in with those 'remastered' videos and they are just crap. Sticking your head in a hole and screaming there is nothing wrong invalidates your good points about HALO.

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The story is too old to be commented.