Silent Hill 5 Gameplay Trailer & Videos

A montage of gameplay clips showing the dark atmospheric world of Silent Hill 5.

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MK_Red3799d ago

The graphics don't look so hot. SO nice touches here and there but come on. Silent Hill deserves much more. I'm still sad about the game being made by western dev instead of original Japanese devs.

xaphanze3799d ago

The graphics needs work =/

kamisama3799d ago

is that like a pre-build hope so

MK_Red3799d ago

I hope so. They were so tight about the gameplay and had shown nothing since E3 and now this!??

aoze3799d ago

they definitely need to improve the graphics, this looks like ps2 graphics for me.

Dudeson423799d ago

Graphics are meh, but graphics in the first two were sub par too, even the later ones for PS2 were ultra-average so I'm not worried, the mood and atmosphere is what gets you more than anything.

Evildoomnerd3799d ago

But as long as it plays great with soul chilling atmosphere and monsters that make you go "WTF?!", I'll be a happy gamer in 2008 :)

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The story is too old to be commented.