Homefront : New Long Gameplay Video

In this video you can see more of the gameplay of Homefront and the story.

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talltony2770d ago

this kinda looks like crap, old demo maybe?

lunicmaster2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

yes they said that is the demo that they didn't showed to the people at 2010's E3.

awiseman2770d ago

yea old build with the ugly graphics, The current build of the games looks much better.

HelghastDrake2770d ago

it will get 9s and 10s guaranteed! wanna know why? because its not a PS3 exclusive. Mark my words on this, this game will get 9 and 9.5s just like that joke bulletstorm is getting.

byeGollum2770d ago

whats your point exactly?

monkpunk12770d ago

don't forget it's an american developer and that will aid review scores too.

Kon2770d ago

Oh the conspiracy theories. GTFO with them;

CanadianTurtle2770d ago

Just remember that reviews are a person's OPINION. Just because IGN gave Resistance Fall of Man a 9.1/10, doesn't really meant that it's actually a 9.1/10 game. In my OPINION, and what really MATTERS TO ME, is that I think Resistance is a 10/10 game :)

See what I mean? Don't let the media destroy your love for a game. Enjoy games as they are.

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hamburger1232770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Why does this game look like Modern Warfare 3?

Killzoned2770d ago

This game "looks" average and rubbish

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