IGN reviews NBA 08

Last year, Sony tried to issue sports into the full HD era with their release of NBA 07. Timed to coincide with the launch of the PS3, the basketball title featured strong shooting mechanics and one of the most creative modes in sports, thanks to the NBA Replay feature. With a little more than a month to go before the 2007 season gets underway, Sony is readying their release of NBA 08 to hit PS3 courts everywhere. However, even though the game is a deeper title, gameplay issues make it weaker than last year's attempt.

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ngg123454101d ago

7-8= A worthy title that desreves a beter score cough (Kingdom of Hearts 2, Red Faction, Star Wars Battlefront, Heavenly Sword).
8.7-9: Overrated hyped title, or an exclusive review (skate, prey, etc).
9.4-10: Great game, worth buying.

Funky Town_TX4101d ago

That is all that should matter. This is a must buy guys.

Maddens Raiders4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

but I'll tell you all one thing. I played the demo of this thing the other night and was just floored by the detail and CRISPNESS of the game. Everything shines and glistens as if it's been dipped into a Hype Williams tub of lavishness. Now with all of that said it played (to me) just like 2007 but like I said looks much, much better without everyone being covered in vaseline like-sweat from tipoff. It's not a run out of the door and buy right now title for me (mainly because the whole betting and gambling scandal has left such a bad taste in my mouth esp. being in the Wester Conference), but I will certainly consider this game for purchase and recommend it - For Sure.

P.S. - @ projectx below - dude you are absolutely right. Sometimes I just don't know if these people are even playing the same games they're describing. I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it a hundred more: I don't trust reviews; I play games not ------> reviews.

ProjectX4101d ago

Not gonna read any review from ign anymore.

Farsendor14101d ago

think sony makes ok sports games wish ea didnt get the nfl license all to itself. maybe sony could have started working on nfl games. that would have turned out nicely.

WIIIS14101d ago

Another bad review for Sony exclusive. Another cause for denials from Sony fans. Such sorrow.

sonarus4101d ago

don't get me started on tenchu z and dat kengo 9 crap dat jst came out. Sony is the only hardware maker delving into sports they had great success with their baseball franchise and they try to get the same out of basketball and soccer. Their soccer ultimately gets unoticed but NBA 07 wasnt bad was definetly better than nba live 07. live 08 might be a different story though

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The story is too old to be commented.