Kinect gives hackers a chance to make their own technological magic shows - but is the industry watching?

When Kinect was first revealed to the public, it was seen by many as a way of opening the doors of a traditionally hardcore gaming platform to the casual masses. The device’s launch line-up, dominated by dancing and fitness titles, compounded the sense that Microsoft’s motion tracker was one for mainstream games design.

Then, come release, something happened. All over the world homebrew frontiersmen got under the casing of the device, eager to see how such a cheap peripheral could seemingly do what was previously the reserve of well-equipped laboratories with enormous budgets. Quickly researchers and hackers joined their ranks, taking a microscope to Kinect’s dismantled innards.

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The-Tentacle2856d ago

A millions uses, shame gaming is not it's strong point.

Godmars2902856d ago

Since when has Kinect been seen as a "cheap" device?