Killzone 3: The PS3 Attitude Review

From PS3 Attitude: "Killzone 3 is clearly a title that makes some people uncomfortable.

This particular author doesn’t normally bother reading other people’s reviews at all, but that golden rule was broken when stories of a few ‘less than stellar’ opinions were being touted on Twitter. Could Killzone 3 really be a 6 or 7 out of 10 game? Or are we dealing with some kind of irrational backlash against, apparently, nothing at all?

Read on as PS3 Attitude give you one of our trademark scoreless reviews. Everything you need to know about Killzone 3, good and bad, is contained within."

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Focker4202825d ago

Excellent review, just one more hour until the store opens...

btk2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

So True.

Some of the "reviews" and the reasons for knocking points off was just bizarre. I don't mind the 8/10 scores with KZ3 behind some titles like CoD.. but the 6/10 for KZ3 and 10/10 for CoD by the same reviewers is just a bit too suspicious.

For a real gamer having Move support like KZ3 must be exciting. Hiding behind lame excuses like "bad storyline" to justify knocking two points off is suspicious.
The article is brilliantly written. Exposes that these 6/10 and 7/10 reviews is utter BS.

diehardgamer10002825d ago

wow this review really is detailed,and it really talks abt the important aspects of an FPS i.e the gameplay and other technicalities involoved.i juss don understand why other reviews are slamming this game for the the game gets 7 for the story?wat abt the other stuff on offer:best FPS graphics on console,3d,proper Move support and so on.

ITA_Mafia_Boy2825d ago

I second every world that has been said in this review.
I did not stop playing it since last night at midnight.
Get the game and have fun.

PSN = ITA_Mafia_Boy

seanoc2825d ago

I've never understood some people's negativity towards Killzone. For me, it's unique, exciting and bloody gorgeous. The multiplayer in Killzone 2 was particularly underrated.