Dead Island: Destined to Disappoint?

"Dead Island: the game that’s on everyone’s lips right now. Between the idea of mashing together Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising on an exotic island paradise to the cinematic trailer that’s got anti-gaming activists up in arms to now these screenshots, I excited to hell."- Shanghai Six

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hennessey862824d ago

could live up to that video

despair2824d ago

really because I thought the teaser was just ok nothing amazing about it, still don't get why people are going crazy over it. I mean maybe its because I'm an SOB but I am more excited about the possibility of zombie children than the "emotional" impact of the teaser, which to me was not there at all.

nickjkl2824d ago

really already we geting articles like this

Desert Turtle2824d ago

1. Take newly announced, popular game
2. Say it will disappoint
3. ???
4. PROFIT!!!

crimsonfox2824d ago

these articles are stupid...

maxcavsm2824d ago

And yet, here it is!
It's a decent enough article, and hennessey86 is totally right.