Fan Continues The Story of Silent Hill 2 With UDK

A highly ambitious project by Spanish designer Titobruni aims to continue the story of Silent Hill 2 using the Unreal Development Kit. He has called the project Silent Hill 2.2, with the first part subtitled Sanatorium. The second part seems to add Maria and take place around Toluca Lake. He got back to us and told us that the second part is being worked on now and will be released in a few days.

The graphics look great. Character models for James and Maria have been tweaked to fit the updated graphics. The game lacks that slightly stylized look with its textures, but its photorealism makes it stand out. The story goes off of the possibility that James’ sins were never fully forgiven, and he must continue to roam the foggy town. Which theoretically can be happening; James is never heard from again after Silent Hill 2.

This is definitely worthy of a try if you are a huge Silent Hill fan. Just not such a fan that the idea of Silent Hill 2 continuing makes you angry and complain;...

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Arsenic132826d ago

Its a one man made project. Come back when you can make a ball bounce in any programming language.

gravemaker2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

did you see video? animation is pure shit made with broken hands

already did

Buttons2826d ago

Congratulations, you're still a douchebag.

AngryFork2826d ago

This looks amazing what the hell is wrong with you.

TheMutator2826d ago

dont touch this sacred game or i kill you!!!

anasurimbor2826d ago

Man... Silent Hill 2 is some serious shit. That game is for real.

RaymondM2826d ago

hmmm, i can see his merit since he's obviously an uber fan, but I think the story is best left the way it is. However, if he can prove me wrong, go ahead and do it, I'm dying for some good silent hill since things have been going down hill since SH3