StrategyInformer: TNT Racers review

SI: Let’s not beat around the bush here; TNT Racers is a clone of the old Micro Machines games. But given that the toy-licensed racing series has been dormant since 2007 and that TNT Racers is actually pretty good, you can forgive developer Keen Games for their lack of originality.

For those not in the know, the Micro Machines titles were top down racers that placed a strong emphasis on knocking out the competition rather than simply placing first. The action is restricted to a single screen view and when players fall too far behind the lead racer and off the edge of the screen they’re knocked out. The last one remaining (usually the person in first place) nets some points and then a new round begins, repeating the process. The first participant to reach the predetermined score wins.

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jim2wheels2825d ago

Worth reading just to be reminded of Spy Hunter - ahead of it's time that one :)

Psychonaughty2825d ago

I got my bro to buy this, grab some beers and a few mates and it's a bloody great laugh, got no friends? Then I'd give it a miss.