FTG Review: Modern Combat: Domination

"Modern Combat: Domination is a first-person shooter released exclusively on the Playstation Network. For anyone who has played Counter-Strike, you will feel right at home. The problem with that statement is that there has been a smorgasbord of other shooters released since Counter-Strike was released, and the developers of Modern Combat apparently felt they didn’t need to look at any games made on the current generation of consoles for inspiration." -FISHANIMAL

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Fir3truck2828d ago

I hope they port more games from PSN to the iPhone/iPad so this xbox player can enjoy some Sony titles.

AmigoSniped2828d ago

I haven't heard too many good things and from gameplay I've seen a 6 seems a little high.

maxcavsm2828d ago

Frekain' dipshits at Gameloft. Give me a break with this.