Killzone 3 in 3D & Motion Controller Review

The 3D additions to Killzone are a bit more straightforward than the Sharpshooter. Basically, if you like the effect of 3D you see in 3D movies, you’ll eat this up. If you don’t, it won’t win you over.

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The-Tentacle2824d ago

"In the short time I had with it, the Sharpshooter and the Killzone 3 motion controls felt like a very good implementation..."

There's the problem right there it takes a while to adapt to the move controls. It's amazing when you do though!

joydestroy2823d ago

i couldn't get it set up right for some reason so i'm sticking with DS controller unless someone can recommend some settings???

sickbird2823d ago

i set both deadzones to 10%

turn speed to 40%

sensitivity to 0%

seems to be working pretty well, may need some more tweaking.

Chaostar2823d ago

all deadzone: 0%
sensitivity: 20%
turn speed: 50%

has served me well so far.

joydestroy2823d ago

cool thanks to you both!

douchedebater2823d ago

I wound up putting the sharpshooter down and playing through the demo with the controller. I still haven't received my full game from Amazon yet, however I decided to take the sharpshooter back to gamestop today, it just wasn't for me.

The biggest problem I had was turn, too much over and under steer (so to speak). Tried multiple settings and didn't like any of them. I guess my problem was if it's going to act like a gun then the cursor needs to be quicker to the target. Quick target changes was just too loose and sloppy with the Sharpshooter.

Loved the demo though, just wait to play through the full game.

joydestroy2823d ago

yeah amazon had a weather delay. my full copy comes today as well, finally!

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sickbird2823d ago

I got very good at using the move with the beta. Now Im back to square one with the sharpshooter, its tough but im starting to get the hang of it. Its alot of fun and thats all that matters.

joydestroy2823d ago

thanks for the suggestions for the Move settings! i'll try it again when i get home =)

sickbird2823d ago

no problem, just practice it'll come haha.

cochise3132823d ago

I got so used to the move controls that I felt out of place playing with the DS3. I want to try the sharpshooter though. I wish i had a 3dtv.

DlocDaBudSmoka2823d ago

i got the 3dtv, im just waiting for the sharpshooter, waiting for my funds to recoup. i havent done the 3d yet, did in the beta, i want the full 3d/sharpshooter immersion.

cochise3132823d ago

You have a 3dtv and haven't play in 3d yet? You're crazy; I'm dying to play this in 3d.

DlocDaBudSmoka2823d ago

i played the beta/demo in 3d all the time. now i want the full immersion.

SSKILLZ2823d ago

I want killzone 4 Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!