Homefront: Further dedicated server details revealed

Ironhammers writes: We know that THQ’s upcoming shooter Homefront is coming on March 18th. We know they’ve assigned Digital Extremes with the task of developing a PC version they can be proud of. And, we know that dedicated servers for multiplayer are part of that plan. What we didn’t know were the specifics for the said servers

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DelbertGrady2825d ago

I've got high hopes for this game and it would be great if it delivers. Still haven't found a game to match BF BC 2's online, and I've owned both Halo Reach and COD: Black Ops.

plb2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

BFBC2>Homefront. If you have a PS3 check out KZ3. It's similar to BFBC2 making use of classes and such.

mushroomwig2825d ago

You haven't even played Homefront, so try not to judge it just yet.

awiseman2825d ago

KZ3 is nothig like BC2 fanboy, bullet drop in KZ? NO, Full enviromental destruction? NO Maps the size of football fields? NO Realism? NO, No, no and NO.

dannybohy2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

no hardcore mode for PC users!!! = fail!

I havent found a game to match cod4! ive been waiting ages! i thought this might be it but clearly not! damn!
We need a PC only FPS!!

plb2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Apart from some RTS, Indie, and MMO games, Days of PC exclusives are long gone. It just doesn't make sense from a business standpoint, particularly when the majority of FPS is played on console. Just wait till BF3 later this year.

dannybohy2823d ago

I understand that although the best platform for FPS is the PC (this cant be argued so dont start) its not the most popular from a commerical point of view, when it comes to making the money, FPS sells the best on consoles, which is a damn shame.
If BF3 has prone and lean and is actually made for the PC first, then i might make me switch from Cod, at the moment I nothing has beaten Cod4 for the PC (IMO).

Kon2825d ago

Have you heard of BF3?

Ducky2825d ago

I haven't found a game to match TF2.

Anyways, there's RedOrchestra2 if you want realism, otherwise, I'm mostly excited about Brink as far as multiplayer goes.

distorted_reality2825d ago

"There’ll be no option to change spawn times, available weapons and no way to play unranked with all weapons unlocked for an even playing field in a competitive sense. There’ll also be no hardcore mode, which often becomes the way most PC gamers prefer to play shooters."

Well, that's stopped me from buying the game I think. Looks like Duke will have to tide my fps appetite over until BF3.

dannybohy2823d ago

same here!. ive never got into BF games, thought BF BC2 was derge!. anyone know if BC3 with have lean and prone?

BX812825d ago

Does anyone know if they have dedicated servers for the console versions? I hoping this game is going to be good but I'm not big on the and online. Both ufc's are horrible online