Nintendo Reveals Launch-Day Lineup of 18 Nintendo 3DS Games

On day one, new Nintendo 3DS™ owners will have plenty of video games to keep them busy. Nintendo and its third-party publishing partners have made sure that people who buy a system on March 27 will be able to choose from a variety of experiences that leverage the system’s new features.

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wwm0nkey2854d ago

Oh thats not even that bad dude. PSP2 will probably be the exact same.

geodood2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Considering the gap between the two in quality, I'd expect PSP2 games to be at least $40. 3DS games on the other hand...

" hence why it outsold the PSP 2 to 1."

Did you REALLY just equate quality to sales? Right. Bieber is one of the most talented artists ever, then. In terms of quality the highest quality handheld game IMO came out for the PSP - Peace Walker. All the production values of it's home console counterparts that hasn't been matched by any PSP and definitely no DS game since.

Rush2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

"Considering the gap between the two in quality, I'd expect PSP2 games to be at least $40. 3DS games on the other hand... "

Am sorry I thought a lot of the quality handheld games last generation where on the DS regardless of the graphical gap hence why it outsold the PSP 2 to 1.

@update to make yourself look less retarded

Why don't you stop stop being such a massive fanboy and admit Nintendo made the better handheld last generation.

geodood2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Wow, "retarded"? Those are big boy words for a self opinionated, 2 bubbled kid such as yourself ;)

IMO the PSP was equally as 'good' a handheld as the DS. That's just my opinion, mind. I'm not expressing it as fact like yourself (the very definition of fanboy, making you the fanboy in this given situation) I'm starting to see why you have two bubbles and why that's two too many.

@Below: I wholly agree. Bought many more games for my GBA than I did for either my DS or PSP. Those were the good ol' days :P

wwm0nkey2854d ago

To be fair I didn't feel like I got my bang for buck out of the DS or PSP. Now GBA, that was a system :)

Rush2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )


It's easy to get 2 bubbles around here when you don't circle jerk a corporation beginning with S...

Most of the time the people with less bubbles are the lesser idiots in this community of dick heads.

jammydude2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Not in your case though Rush, obviously. A lot of people with 1-2 bubbles are actually just mindless trolling fanboys (hint: the way you were acting above)

ABizzel12854d ago


Why don't you stop stop being such a massive fanboy and admit Nintendo made the better handheld last generation.

That's a matter of opinion, but most opinions would say the PSP was the better handheld, however, the DS had more games with unique gaming experiences, and it was much cheaper which is why the DS sold more.

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wingman32x2854d ago

It's not THAT bad.

It's only like $5 more than what you were paying for first party games on the DS.

wwm0nkey2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Going to get SSF:IV, Rayman and Pilot Wings

EDIT: How are people disagreeing when I am just saying what games im getting? smh at this site.

geodood2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Because they disagree that you should get those particular games on launch. Way to get aggravated with someone else's opinion. SMH at people on the internet.

Edit: In your opinion, yes. In one other person's opinion on this site, no. Do you see what I mean by getting aggravated by another person's opinion now? Shake your head all you want, it's a pretty silly acronym to use and feeling to express being that it's just another's opinion of a couple of games. People get waaay too precious about their own opinion over the internet.

wwm0nkey2854d ago

What other games are there to get? Those are the only decent ones coming out at launch(even though Rayman is a port). Oh wait, I should freeze myself and wait till there are more games out.

smh at other idiots on the internet.

f7897902854d ago


The name of the planet we live on is Earth. Agree or disagree?

liveActionLeveler2854d ago

I'm pretty sure people just disagreed with you for the sake of proving you wrong.

bigjclassic2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Getting SSFIV 3D and maybe Madden or Rayman.

SonyNGP2854d ago

No Dead or Alive?
Ah well, I'll probably get Steel Diver instead :/

wwm0nkey2854d ago

Yeah it sucks, DoA got delayed till May 17th :(

Theyellowflash302854d ago

Wait did somebody say in the comments above that PSP 2 games will probably be the same as 3DS games, price wise? I doubt that considering that it will be PS3 quality games on the PSP2 or NGP. I think PSP2 games will be $50-60 bucks.

- Not a bad launch lineup, Plus Pokemon Black and White on March 7 so people can pick that up too.

f7897902854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I don't think they would push past $50 unless the game was guaranteed to sell well. It's still a portable system and I know I wouldn't be wanting to spend $60 on a game.

Community members take note: I disagreed with above without attacking what they think. I just gave my view and support for it.

Theyellowflash302854d ago

Thats what I said right? 50-60 bucks. cuz with tax its coming out to $54.00 bucks. Special editions will be 59.99 or up

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