Is Bulletstorm As Epic As It Looks? Real Otaku Gamer Review

The RealOtakuGamer Bulletstorm review highlighting the good and the bad parts of Epic's new over the top shooter.

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Gamerfans2824d ago

not as epic compared to killzone 3 graphics. Dang they are amazing. 2011 YEAR OF PS3!!!!

Neckbear2824d ago

So, graphics make the game?

That's basically what your comment is implying.

Close_Second2824d ago

I think he was implying that Bulletstorm does not match the visuals in KZ3. After playing the demo for both games I would have to agree.

Montrealien2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

They both look amazing, and they both have limits. Don't pretend you dont see that weird draw in effect that you see everywhere in Killzone, its pretty weird. Killzone does looks great however to think it blows away Bulletstorm's beautiful world is a little naive imho, the Vistas and that Alien world in Bulletstorm is pretty beautiful and colorful.

Close_Second2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Echoes is not something that would pull me back for a second turn. I'm just not that type of gamer.

The reviewer said the game was short, did he say how short?

I think this game will be $30-40 NZD cheaper in a couple of months, even if its second hand. Think I'll wait till then or may even just rent.

M_Prime2824d ago

My bad for not putting the length.. Short is less then 10 hours.. And I played it on the hardest difficulty