Valve reveals unreleased submarine game idea

CVG: Valve once planned to release an unnamed submarine game, and hasn't yet given up on the idea.

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jammydude2829d ago

Just develop a new engine already.

NaiNaiNai2829d ago

funny thing is. I think steam is a pretty damn good engine.

Stop being so mad cause your console engines suck.

distorted_reality2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

......................Steam isn't a gaming engine.

This is a steam engine -

jammydude2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Steam isn't an engine, unless you're talking about the type found in trains...

I actually had the PC version in mind, but whatever. Not sure why you're trolling console owners, though :S Console specific engines are actually the 'best' engines if you're talking about optimisation. They manage to do a lot of impressive stuff with old, relatively weak hardware.

@distorted_reality: Wow, in the same minute, too. Damn you for getting there first

NaiNaiNai2829d ago

Actually steam is a very good engine, much better then gas, or Diesel.

Go look into, they are very efficient.

jammydude2829d ago

Sorry mate, you can't just play that one off like that. You attempted to troll and failed. Better luck next time ;)

Raendom2829d ago

@jammydude, you've just proven why we need both "fail" and "win" bubbles (You'd get the win one here btw).

Lamarthedancer2829d ago

Yeah ok then...............anyway about Half life 3/episode 3 :)

R2D22829d ago


shaun mcwayne2829d ago

i just want them to announce left 4 dead 3. l4d games rule!

Lamarthedancer2828d ago

I would actually be ok with this IF they had the old survivors with a replacement for Bill

Although they kind of spilt the community with L4D2 and didn't give us all the DLC they promised for L4D

They should of killed Rochelle off :/