In-Depth: Examining XBLA's Top First-Week Sellers During 2010

In this analysis for Gamasutra, GamerBytes editor Ryan Langley looks at the Xbox Live Arcade games that sold the best in their first week during 2010, analyzing some notable lessons for developers planning to target console digital download for their next titles.

Ryan Langley: While we didn’t get a chart-related of Xbox Live Arcade titles for all of January 2011 to help our recent analysis, we did get one particular list from Microsoft's Larry Hryb at – the top 18 “first week” sales for Xbox Live Arcade games released in 2010.

Using the list, alongside our own Leaderboard analysis for the games at the time of their release, we can see what developers can expect from top games on the Xbox Live Arcade during their first few days of release.

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