State-of-the-Art, Cross-Platform 8Realms MMO Closed Beta Announced

JI writes: "Jagex is a pioneer of web-based MMO games and with the successful, #1 free-to-play MMO-RPG RuneScape under their belt they have begun to branch out to new projects once again. One of these projects is the state-of-the-art MMO 8Realms which will seek to challenge perceptions of what is possible in an all-HTML game.

The title is focused around social interaction between players, something Jagex knows a lot about from their highly social and addictive portfolio. The game's premise is that players will spring up their own villages destined to become empires in a power struggle to dominate the world they live in."

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Drjft2856d ago

Love me that Runescape babeh.

Hitman07692856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Ohhh you know it. This one will hopefully be loads betteh! I like the social aspect that Jagex pushes. I am really excited that this is going cross-platform also.

paradiselost932856d ago

Sweet, can't wait to try out the game.

Fragger2k82856d ago

Hm, cool. I'm definitely going to check this out when the beta starts.

I wonder what it's going to be like. Maybe something like Mafia Wars, Mobsters, etc, mixed with War of Legends?

vgcgames2856d ago

if they do this right could become really big, free to plat MMO's are becoming the stander just look at All Point Bulletion

Kreyg2856d ago

Seems like it's worth checking out

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