Duke Nukem Forever arrives over a decade too late

The Sheaf: It wasn’t easy, but “the king is back, baby,” and he’s here to show us how satisfying trite crap can be. Duke Nukem: Forever is what happens when the lazy feign creativity, when a legend transcends the product and when expectations become unreasonably high. This all amounts to the only number that matters: $59.99: The amount I will save myself from not investing in disillusionment.

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wwm0nkey2829d ago

Nope, if you ask me its coming at just the right time.

Gaming wasnt as big as it is now and A LOT of people are going to buy this on the fact that its basically a myth to all gamers.

Redempteur2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

i agree i'd rather have some arcade over the top Fps when everyone want a part of COD sucess.

i'd still have seen anything remotely as crazy, than some quake, (or duke in this case ) in a long time

VersusEM2828d ago

I don't get the big deal about this game, Really doesn't look anything speical. Kinda looks like Bulletstorm.

Pozzle2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Tbh, Duke Nukem Forever is a title that many gamers have been waiting for for over a decade. True, Bulletstorm has a similar theme with it's tounge-in-cheek humor and over-the-top silliness, but Duke Nukem is a character (and a series) that alot of people grew up with, so for many it's pretty exciting that he's finally coming back after such a long wait.

ian722828d ago

It may be a decade late, but it will probably be better for it.

hatchimatchi2828d ago

All the previews i've read have basically been the same, namely that duke nukem forever is basically just a duke nukem game...Same style of humor, same "shoot everything in a room" style gameplay, etc.

Duke Nukem is irrelevant in todays gaming culture, he's based around a style of humor that hasn't been funny in over a decade. Plus, the gameplay might appeal to some people but i doubt it'll hold up, especially when you factor in that it's not a budget title. Gearbox paid top dollar for the duke IP though, so it seems like they're finishing up 'forever' in the way 3d realms intended it to be. Once that is out of the way, I expect a full blown duke nukem reboot, something that will be more relevant and worthwhile.

People who started gaming with the ps2/ps3 have little or no idea what duke nukem is or why he matters. You see kids these days that haven't even played ocarina of time and have no interest in doing so. That is a damn shame as far as I'm concerned. So with all the high quality shooters that are flooding the market do people actually think that kids who aren't familiar with duke are going to enjoy an archaic form of gameplay? I doubt it. They're most likely going to think, "WTF, people actually enjoyed this crap back in the day...?"

Burning_Finger2828d ago

The author of this article can *bleep* his Balls Of Steel..:)

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The story is too old to be commented.